To learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser

To learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser

Step by Step Instructions to Enable JavaScript on your web browsers

In this article, we can learn how to enable the disable JavaScript on your various web browsers. Notably, JavaScript in your browser web pages helps you to see media, Like an advertisement, Games, and other cool effects. Though run JavaScript can also be harmful on some websites and might infect your computer with a virus.

So it’s wise only to use JavaScript on trusted websites. Here, We’ll look How to enabled or disabled JavaScript in different kind of browsers used for your computer as well as mobile device. We’ll cover Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Because they cover most of the internet users.

How to enable JavaScript on Google Chrome

1) Firstly, you can open your chrome web browser on your computer.

2) Then, you can click on the three-dotted icon in the top upper-right corner of the browser.

3) After that you can click on the Setting icon, from the list.

4) Next, In the Privacy and Security section, click on the site setting option.

5) Here, You can choose to either allow or block JavaScript here.

6) You can allow some websites to use JavaScript, And block others.

How to enable JavaScript on Safari browser

1) First up all, you can open your Safari browser in normal mode.

2) Then you can click on the safari button, On the upper right corner, Just to the side of the Apple logo.

3) The dropdown menu appears here, the next step is you can click on the preference option.

4) Then you can visit the Security Tab from the options.

5) Click the Checkbox available Next to the option for Enable Javascript.

To Learn how to enable JavaScript on Firefox browser

1) Firstly, Open your Firefox browser, And click on the address bar on top.

2) Then you can enter or paste the following about:config in your address bar.

3) Next, Firefox will warn you with a little popup, That you need to avoid, And click on Accept the risk and continue.

4) In fact, Firefox allows you to make dozen of advance changes, You need to search for JavaScript in the search bar above.

5) Afterwards you can scroll, and find the javascript. enabled option.

6) Change the setting from false to true, By clicking on the button on the left corner.

7) Restart the browser and you will able to use the JavaScript feature on websites.

How to enable JavaScript on IE/ Microsoft Edge

1) In like manner, you can open your Internet explorer or Edge browser from your windows machine.

2) Then you can click on the three-dotted icon on the left upper corner of your browser.

3) By clicking on that button, You’ll see the option of Setting in your browser.

4) Next, Click on Settings, Scroll through, and after click on the Advance setting option.

5) Now, Search for the term “JavaScript” in the search bar.

6) Now, you can Allow the JavaScript option by clicking on the toggle button on the right side.


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