How to Fix the Error of “Vac Was Unable To Verify the Game Session”

How to Fix the Error of “Vac Was Unable To Verify the Game Session”

4 way to fix the “Vac Was Unable To Verify the Game Session” Error

Worried about the error message of vac was unable to verify the game session interrupting your matchmaking. There are several ways to fix it. Even if you are untechy yet you can resolve it easily.

Often CS:GO user comes across this issue. But now the solution is just a click away from you. Here we go with easy solutions that can resolve the issue in no time.  And don’t be confused you are not VAC banned. Hence here is your list of solutions.

FIX 1 – Verifying the integrity

Here you just need to verify or check the integrity of game files and then restart your computer system.  This works well for 99% of cases. Stepwise demonstration:-

1) First up all, you can Open up the steam.

2) Then click on Library to open.

3) Now right click on Counter Strike : Global Offensive

4) Then Go to Properties now.

5) The properties window will display LOCAL FILES.


7) Now let the operation complete.

8) Then restart your system.

FIX 2- It executes steamservice.exe repair

This executes the function of steamservice.exe repair which often resolves your issue of getting the error message from VAC.  Here at first, you need to close the Steam. Right-click on the Steam in your system tray which is present in the bottom side of the right-hand corner. And now click exit.

Now from your start menu search for RUN and open it. Now you need to write this command in the box provided under Run and press the OK option.

Enter the below mentioned command prompt

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe” /repair

Now an empty terminal will open up. Close this and reopen Steam.  This will let you not get the error message again.

FIX 3 – Reinstallation CS: GO

Unless your issue is much rigid you don’t need to apply this method. For an extreme case, this can be your savior. Here you need to uninstall the full CS: GO. For that check on the library and click COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE.  And then uninstall. A window will pop up, Just click the DELETE option there.  Then simply reinstall the CS: GO.

FIX 4- Restart Steam Client

By using the above-stated methods if your problem doesn’t end up then you may try for this method where you need to restar5t your client to stop this cached error message.

Here you can open your steam client then open Steam in the upper left corner and then you have to click EXIT. Then again open the Steam again and then go for GO OFFLINE option. Then you have to click on RESTART IN OFFLINE MODE. Again click Steam and then GO ONLINE.

You have to launch the game again.

Do share your experience with us and let us know which method had been most effective for you. Awaiting to hear from you soon. We are happy to assist you and will be back with more such quick solutions which otherwise takes a toll on you.

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