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How to Fix the Issue of Video Not Available In Your Country

3 way to fix the “Video Not Available In Your Country” Issue

Even if any video is not available to see from your country you can yet see it by some demonstrated methods given here. Browse on and resolve video not available in your country and enjoy watching.

This issue can be very frustrating. We understand, that when we desire to watch a movie or TV show and it is not visible due to region issues or it is blocked in your country then it spoils the mood. To let you move out of it here we go with an array of solutions to this problem.

Fix 1 – Download before you watch the video

This can be an easy solution especially for watching Youtube videos. Even if you can’t watch any video right away from your region or country you may easily download it. What you need to do is just copy and paste in your YouTube download manager and download it. Not right then but later on you can watch it.

For doping, so you can use any third-party video download manager that is free of cost yet has varied features like speed, quality of video, and lot more.

Fix 2- Modification of URL

In case the video that is restricted based on country IP then you can manage to resolve the issue by just modifying the URL to the access country. To do this at first you need to understand how a URL looks like which are accessible in your country does. Eg; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abc5432.

This is how a URL looks like. Now let’s understand where to change this link to get the desired result. Here notice the part of URL where you find watch?v. Alter this part with /v /. Now you can yet watch those restricted YouTube videos.

Fix 3- Using VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a high-speed network that lets you access the public network. To see restricted videos you need to get a VPN connection of the country where the video is allowed to see. Now on using that specific VPN connection you can watch the restricted video from any part of the world. The proxy server will understand that you belong to the allowed country and will let you see it very easily.

Let’s learn how to use VPN

You simply need to open it and choose the user package. Login to it and select the Product Group. Then also select the bill cycle. Then you will get your static IP address.  Now download and install software to execute the work.

It has an array of benefits. It let your connection keep safe and secure. You can also try available Proxy websites through it. Here you may use HOLA extension which will 100% solve your video watching issue. It can give seamless browsing and video watching experience.

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