How to Send Free Fax from Gmail?

How to Send Free Fax from Gmail

Are you bothered by the extra task of sending fax? So here is your rescue presented by Google.  Now send free fax from Gmail without any fax machine and as easy steps as sending mail. Let’s learn here in detail.

When clients want a fax from you and not an email it might be annoying for you. But now you can send a fax which would be as simple as sending an email. Using your Gmail account you can fax from email in simplified steps, like writing the message body from composing option, and then in place of the email address you need to write the fax id and simply send it. But to execute this job seamlessly you need to take the help of a third-party web-based fax service provider and get it associated with your email id.

Things to Remember before sending a fax

You can get a much web-based third-party fax service provider where you can register with your existing email id. It integrates the online fax account with your Gmail account and lets you send the fax. Some initial faxes you can send free of cost but later on, you need to avail of the paid package or subscription. And most importantly, use only the email address registered with the service provider to send a fax otherwise it won’t work.

Some such e-fax service providers are Fax Plus, eFax Send, RingCentral and lot more are available online.

Stepwise Direction to use- Send Free Fax from Gmail

Here is the stepwise guidance to use fax service online through your Gmail account which you can use through a desktop, mobile, laptop on, and through any browser. So here we go:-

1) Using the Gmail interface or the app interface at first you need to compose or create a new mail by clicking the COMPOSE button.

2) Now the first thing is to write the recipient address. Here like traditional faxing you have to put the fax number prefixed with the area STD code of the recipient details. Now follow it by the domain value. Eg – 033(STD code) 25486225 (fax number) followed by (domain value. So it will stand like 03325486225@

3) Now you may attach a file by clicking on the clip icon. It supports attachment format like JPG, DOC, PDF, TXT, and also you may write a letter body in writing part of the email.

4) Now just click on the SEND button and send the email.

Hope this helps you to send hazard-free fax. If you have any queries do post us. Keep checking this space to resolve any more tech issues in just a click.

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