To Learn How To Fix "No App Found To Open URL" Issue

How To Fix No App Found To Open URL Error?

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 What mobile do you use? I guess it’s Android, right? And the majority of the population on this planet earth uses android smartphones, and I’m pretty sure you’re facing an error called “no app found to open url.” You probably google-searched for that error, and that’s why you are here. Hey, don’t worry! That’s not all a big problem. And it can be easily fixed if you follow my article carefully. This is a very in-depth research article which will surely give you the best solution if you read it till the end. So without any delay, let’s get to the actual point.

Why does this “No app found to open url” occur? Let’s see some reasons for that.

As we discussed, most of the population uses Android devices these days due to their easily adaptable nature and affordability. Not only people but 80% of the mobile phone companies these days also use Android as their operating system for their android smartphones. So because everyone is using that same operating system, companies can’t give a single update to every device in one shot. So this is the main reason for these errors and glitches.

It needs to send a separate update to a particular device at a particular time. So due to this, the mobile may face some bug issues if they are not updated at the right time. I am sure the correct android updates can stop these types of errors.

Apart from Android updates, sometimes this error may occur due to bugs in particular apps. So apps also regularly need to fix their bugs, and they need to send frequent updates to the user to fix app bugs and glitches. So that the app user can have a seamless user experience and he can enjoy every app without any problems.

Another root cause for this problem is a preferences glitch. Sometimes, we face some glitch issues with apps and Android, so there are also some glitches in-app preferences. We can go to our mobile settings and can easily fix these glitches. We will discuss everything in detail, so read this article without skipping a single word.

Apart from this, there will be some configuration errors in a mobile phone and it’s an easy problem to solve.

In addition, another important reason for this is “No app found to open URL” is one kind of system error. This problem is solved once you reset the system and install and uninstall the application from the smartphone. Some apps won’t open sometimes, but if we uninstall and reinstall the application, the error will disappear, and we can use the app seamlessly.

So these are the various reasons for the cause of this error. We hope you got a particular understanding of this error. Now let’s see how we can easily fix this error by following simple steps.

How You Can  Fix “No App Found To Open URL” Error Yourself?

Just follow the simple steps to get rid of this error. We took mi Xiaomi mobile as an example and made this tutorial to show you the detailed procedure. You can follow these steps on any other android device and stop seeing this error.


1) First, we should turn on the mobile phone.

2) Then you can click on settings.

Open the settings android screen

 3) Scroll down and come to additional settings.

Open additional settings image

 4) Click on Date and time.

Open date and time screen

 5) Then, you can simply turn on the automatic date and time here.

Turn on automatc date and time screen

6) Go back to the apps section and click on the apps option here.

Click on apps image

 7) Click on manage apps.

Click on Manage Apps Screen

8) From this manage apps section, you can tap the “three-dot” icon that belongs to the top right corner of your android mobile app screen.

three dots top right corner image 

8) Click on reset app preferences.

Reset Apps Prefertences Option Screen


That’s all. So if you follow these steps clearly, I’m sure you’ll surely tackle this error very easily, and the app found to open easily.

Now let’s discuss some other ways to tackle this problem and enjoy your apps seamlessly. Let’s go.

Reason & Solution-2:

If any particular app is showing an error, then open the settings of the particular application and check whether the application allowed all the permissions asked by the app while installing.

Suppose we fail to accept their permission request, then apps can’t give us the best user experience and cause these problems. So as a second chance checking app settings and enabling all access is another way to tackle this problem.


The most common solution that everyone does while they see any error is just to restart their smartphone.

Suppose you frequently face any error on your mobile; just clear app data and reboot your mobile. As soon as you turn on your mobile, the error will disappear.

Finally, once again, please check if all the options in the application are enabled, and the app has access to everything they require. Make sure the application is disabled. So that you can have a look at it and enable all the settings.

If you follow any of these three solutions, you can easily seek solutions to these kinds of errors. Lastly, I hope you find the appropriate solution for the “no app found to open the URL” issue.

Therefore, this is the full list of reasons why a “No app found to open URL” error message appears. Of course, you can follow all the methods carefully and step by step. So that everything will be resolved. I hope we just served a solution for your problem. If you still face any errors like this, please let us know the further details so that we can find an updated solution for the problem and update it in the article and thank you so much for being so far; I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We hope you got the best out of us.

Please spread the word about us to your friends and family and share our valuable articles with your loved ones if you like our content. Finally, keep visiting us frequently. Once again, thank you so much for being so far with us.

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