How To Delete Bigo Account On iPhone {Step By Step Guide}

Feature Image- How To Delete Bigo Account On iPhone {Step By Step Guide}

If you have a Bigo Account and you want to delete that account permanently? Here, we’re going to show the step. In this article, to Learn How to delete a Bigo account on your iPhone for yourself. It is not surprising that there is Bigo Live, in which there are many live streamers, live gamers, and individuals from across the country talking with each other.

In addition, many people are doing live to become media influencers. This app has more than 400 million people on its platform, it is also used for entertainment.  Before, deleting or removing your account you have to know what is this app very well.

How Can I Able To Delete Bigo Live Account On IOS Devices?

It is an app where a person can watch different types of live shows or streamers like live music, and live gaming videos and you can also do a live chat with some strangers. In this app, you will find various types of features like video calling, video chat rooms with different people, playing games, and also attend live transmission.

Here, there are two working methods that help you to remove your account without getting into any trouble. Here, we are going to discuss how you can delete your account through your iPhone device directly from the app. The good thing is you can also able to recover your appropriate account for up to 20 days. If you want to use your account then you need to sign in to your account within 20 days. Otherwise, your account will be permanently deleted. Now we are going to show the step how you can delete your account on your iPhone device –

Important Steps To Delete The BIGO Account On iPhone Device-

Step One – First of all, Open the app on your iPhone device.

Step Two – The home screen of the app will appear in front of you. You need to go to the account icon At the right bottom of the screen.


Step Three – Then, you need to click on the Setting option at the end of the page.

Iphone Settings option

Step Four – There will be various options appearing in front of you. You can click on delete account at the bottom of the page. After you click on that button automatically, your account will delete.

iphone delete account button

Many people are enjoying it very much and using their free time while socializing with different types of people across the country.

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