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As a matter of fact, Instagram is one of the most active platforms on the social network. It has a different type of texting style. Connected with both messenger and Facebook big platforms in social media. It is also a large platform for having a large number of users. As we all know that Instagram has a direct messaging interface which has various options to communicate with people and many more features available here.

The important features like emojis, the theme for the wallpaper, replies for the messages, and selfies. It also the private mode feature is also available. Here, we will discuss how to reply to a message on Instagram step-by-step. The article and the image are given below. You will get help to understand the process easily.

What do you mean by Instagram messages?

On Instagram, you can use the direct messages the social media platform to send private messages to your friends. This is used to communicate with your friends privately by not being public. Instagram also reports that 150 million users also use this platform for their business purpose. You can also interact with many people by writing comments. Direct messages Are the fastest way to get in contact with the person. By communicating with them you can also increase your audience, Promote your business and also you can also build a strong relationship.

On Your iPhone, How Do You Reply To A Message On Instagram?

Step-one: The first step is to launch the Instagram app on your mobile device. You have to go to the messenger icon at the top corner of the right side of the page.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram- Messenger icon

Step-two: You have to start a private or group discussion in the Instagram app.

Instagram Chat Conversation Screen

Step-three- From next, you can select the person you want to send a message to here. Then you have to swipe right to the message and then you will see an arrow icon that appeared on the message box. Hold it down and select the reply option at the bottom of the page.

Instagram messasge chat screen
Step-four – Now, that selected message will appear on the screen as an input box. Now you can write your reply and send it to the person you want to send.

Instagram message


Advantages of using the direct message feature of Instagram for your business

1. The main benefit of using this feature is you can also speak with your customer and followers by using this direct message option. You can directly send the link of your website to the direct message box to the person. The person can also click on the links and automatically the website will open in front of them.
2. Helps you to build a strong relationship with your customer. It is very difficult to talk with the customer in the comments box. Easier for the person by talking with them in a private conversation. You can be more personalized and provide each and every detail of the product, service etc.
3. This also helps to give a quick and easy way to be in touch with your customer. Many brands also use this feature to answer the question of the customer. Many people have used this feature to sell their product information or pictures to the target audience.
4. It is very private as if a follower is having any issue and also post it to your comment box. You can contact them and then solve their problems by having a private discussion on the message box.

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