How To Delete Bitmoji On SnapChat {Help Guide}

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How to remove bitmoji on snapchat

Of course, Snapchat provides new features for its users from time to time. In this article, we will discuss Snapchat Bitmoji. Notably, Bitmoji is a special feature and it was introduced by the Snapchat team in 2016. After that, Snapchat inserted Bitmoji all over the app. As we can’t put our image inside the ghost icon place. So, the app provides you with the option either to put the Bitmoji profile in the ghost icon. You can also keep the area empty according to your desire. Here, we will discuss how to delete Bitmoji from your Snapchat application without getting into any trouble.

The people who didn’t make their Bitmoji account can have their profile pictures as they want to keep. If you make your Bitmoji account then the user couldn’t reset the profile again. Are you eagerly waiting and want to know how you can able to delete Bitmoji on Snapchat from the profile? Here you go! We provide detailed instructions as well as the appropriate step by step images.

To Learn How To Delete Bitmoji on Snapchat {Guide to the Step-by-Step Process}

STEP-1: Firstly, You can download and install the Snapchat app on your phone.

STEP-2: Then, You can Select Bitmoji from the drop-down menu in the left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the image icon
After opening the app, you have to click on the “Bitmoji icon”.

STEP-3: The phone’s right corner is visible. The setting option appears so click on that option.

Click on settings
Click on the ‘Setting’ option.

STEP-4: After that, your profile will come in front of you. Then you have to click on the Bitmoji option on the screen.

STEP-5: New page will appear, at the bottom of the page. The option “Unlink my Bitmoji “ click on that option that appears in red.

Click on the option that appears in red
At the bottom of the page. The option “Unlink my Bitmoji ” click on that option that appears in red.

STEP-6: Click on the “Unlink” option for confirmation for unlinking the Bitmoji from your account.

Click the unlink button
Click on the “Unlink” option from your account.

Automatically, the Bitmoji will get unlinked from the device and also from the Snapchat app. Bitmoji is created from Snapchat then it will get deleted also from the Bitmoji website.

After following these steps, Your profile and Snapcode won’t have the avatar of Bitmoji anymore. After deleting or unlinking the Bitmoji from the app. You can’t send the stickers anymore to your friends. If you want to make a surprise for your friend when sending the stickers or Bitmoji? Then, you need to add them from the Bitmoji keyboard. In case, you have not deleted or removed the Bitmoji stickers from your Bitmoji app.

Want To Know How To Delete Bitmoji From Bitmoji App? 

By using these steps you can step the Bitmoji completely from the app and automatically get removed from the Snapchat app.

STEP-1: First of all, Download the Bitmoji app from the play store or the Appstore.

Download the app
Download Bitmoji App

STEP-2: From next, you can open the Bitmoji app on your mobile phone.

STEP-3: Then, on the top right corner of the screen. You have to select the setting option that appears on the screen.

select the setting option
select the setting option

STEP-4: The profile setting will appear on the screen. Tap on the “My Data” option.

Tap on the "My Data"
Tap on the “My Data”

STEP-5: After that, you have to click on the “Reset Avatar” option from the page.

click on the "Reset Avatar"
click on the “Reset Avatar”

STEP-6: A dialogue box will appear for confirmation. If, you want to reset your avatar. To confirm your decision to change or reset your avatar. Click on the “Ok” option.

Click on the "Ok" option.
Click on the “Ok” option.

After you’ve finished the steps, the Bitmoji avatar will be permanently removed from the app. You’ll also be instantly unlinked from your Snapchat account. You can also delete the avatar by deleting the app from the phone. But, it will not delete in the Bitmoji app.

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