How to Create a WeChat Account

How to Create a WeChat Account

Do you want to sign up for a WeChat account for your business purpose? Or else Are you registering your personal WeChat account? You don’t know how to create and setup a WeChat account?

If you are using social media applications like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, or Skype, registering a WeChat account is not a very big deal for you. We chat is not only a social messaging or chatting app, but it also offers online payment services. Like Skype Business WeChat is also used for most of the people in business purposes.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging application, developed by a Chinese company called Tencent. This application was first developed as a social media application. As an asocial media application, it was known to transfer text messages, audiovisual messages, and free calling. With some updates, the company also added a mobile online payment option. Including all the exciting features, WeChat became one of the most popular applications these days. The app gathers more than 1.5 billion users every month. Except for a few western countries it is used as a popular payment method over the globe.

Use of WeChat

WeChat is a social media and online payment application. But it can also used for business perspective. WeChat has a lot of plus features to consider it as the best. The exciting features are-

  • Messaging: WeChat offers all kinds of messaging as a text message, voice message, one to many broadcast messaging, call and video conferencing audio and visual data sharing, and few online games. One of the most unique features is it allows you to share the contacts through Bluetooth for a certain distance. Also, you can merge the app with other social media applications.
  • Official Account: Of course, WeChat that can mainly used for business purposes. These types of official accounts are also called public accounts. Here you can interact with all your subscribers at a time.
  • Moments: Moments are nothing but the future called ‘Status’. We use for WhatsApp or Facebook. Here users can post any photo, video, or text regarding their moments of life. So that the same thing we are using here called moments  instead of status.
  • WeChat Digital Payment: WeChat also has Digital payment services. That allows you to instant money transfer, bill payment and other many more facilities by using your mobile device.
  • Enterprise WeChat: It is just like the official account but it is used as a hosting account of a company. Here you can create a different chat room for the employees of different levels.
  • Mini Program: WeChat mini program is a useful feature for the business purpose users. Here the user can create a mini-application under the WeChat system. Also here people can launch their own gaming apps.
  • VOIP: It allows users to call other phones or landlines.
  • Heat Map: It shows the crowd density of a place and also a mini-map.

To Learn Step by Step for How to set up a new WeChat account?

There are basically two types of WeChat accounts, firstly personal account and secondly Business account or the official account. Whatever the purpose of yours to creating a WeChat account we are here to guide you every single step. You can follow the steps and procedures to create a WeChat account-

#1. Firstly, You can Go to the Appstore and download your account if it’s previously not done.

wechat download in play store

#2. Once the application is successfully launched on your device, open the app, and hit the Sign-Up button.

wechat signup and login option

#3. Now you can go to the next step here. You just select your country if the app has not detected it rightly. Once done then enter your phone number and set a password of your choice. Once you have filled the above two boxes hit the ‘Next’ button to continue the process.

wechat signup using phone number

#4. Go through the WeChat privacy policies and agree to them by clicking the checkbox. Then after you can click on the ‘Next’ button and moving forward to the next step.

WeChat agree terms and condition

#5. Now a ‘Security Verification page’ will appear. Give some time to the app to verify your account by background security code. Once done hit the ‘Start’ button.

WeChat security verification

#6. Now an easy puzzle will appear to solve, that will ensure you are not a bot.

security verification in puzzle

#7. In the next step, a verification code will come to your phone no. you just enter the verification code and press ‘Submit’.

WeChat verification code

#8. Now you can Set your profile by which your friends will be able to recognize you. Then select a photo and enter your name here. Hit the ‘Next’ button for further process.

Profile completion for WeChat account

#9. Now you have completed your account registration. You are ready to find your friends over the WeChat.

Find WeChat friends

I hope you learn to easily on how to create a WeChat account. Now you can create a WeChat account and experience all exciting features of the application.

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  1. WeChat team send to me this your WeChat account has violated the user agreement from login but you can only use wallet contacts and favorites with temp login you can tap here to view details or unblock account…..
    hello i am using i phon e 11 pro max my WeChat has blocked for a reason which i don’t know can you please unlock


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