How To Connect AirPods To Lenovo Laptop {Step By Step Guide}

Feature Image- How To Connect AirPods To Lenovo Laptop {Step By Step Guide}

In this article, we’ll explore ways to connect AirPods to the Lenovo laptop system. Although this article would focus on Lenovo laptops, You can also use the same on any Windows computer. AirPods are very popular among people for their battery backup and crisp sound. It is an excellent choice if you want to do meetings, listen to music, or watch causal videos.

Most people would use AirPods with either an iPhone or a Mac. But many would like to use the same on some other OS. It can be possible that you use iPhone as your primary AirPods device, but also want the flexibility to switch between different devices.

Before you follow this tutorial, turn off the Bluetooth device from your iPhone because it can interfere with your settings whenever you try to connect with a new appliance. You can, of course, turn it back on whenever you want to use it without getting into the hassle of pairing and unpairing the same with your device.

To Learn How To Connect AirPods To Lenovo laptop?

Step-1: Click on your windows system tray arrow icon. And then again you click on the Bluetooth icon. If you don’t find the icon, It could be possible that you may remove it mistakenly. To get it back, Just Go to settings > Bluetooth > And enable the option, and then it will be visible underneath your system tray.

Bluetooth icon for windows system
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Step-2: After you click on the Bluetooth icon, A small prompt will appear with multiple options to choose the Add a Bluetooth device option from the given a choice.

Add Bluetooth Device option
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Step-3: Now, you will be taken to the settings, That you can also manually go. From here, click on Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Click on add bluetooth or other devices option
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Step-4: Now, a black prompt would appear with Add a Device heading. It will scan for all the discoverable devices in your range. Wait for a couple of minutes to let this work.

Add devices black prompt
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Step-5: Once you see the AirPods option, click on the same. It will take a few seconds, And you will get a message once both devices are paired and synced.

Airpod Device pair and sync screen
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To Learn How to disconnect AirPods from Lenovo laptop?

You can easily disconnect your AirPods from your laptop or directly from your AirPods.

For Laptops…

Step-1: Firstly, Click on the Bluetooth icon from the system tray and click on the Open Setting option, and this will take you directly to the Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth icon for windows system
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Step-2: Now, click on the Bluetooth On button to turn it off. You can do this kind of way then System Bluetooth disconnected from your AirPods without getting into any trouble.

Click on add bluetooth or other devices option
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Note: When you turn off your Bluetooth, you don’t unpair your AirPods, which means you can again connect to them by just turning on your Bluetooth device. This means you won’t have to spend time pairing your device every time you want to use AirPods with your Lenovo Laptop.

For AirPods…

Airpod image
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This is very simple as you would be doing this already with your iPhone. You just need to press and hold the back of your AirPods to disconnect the same from the Lenovo Laptop. Your AirPods will remember the laptop you connected with, and in the future, whenever you turn on your Bluetooth device, it will automatically catch the signal and secure with the same.

Few Reasons Your AirPods Might Not Be Connecting

AirPods are devices with a specific understanding of solving errors. That means there can only be several reasons you won’t be able to connect with your laptop or other devices. And you can resolve these errors through a few specific fixes, and I have shared with most common ways to resolve these errors.

When you turn On/Off your AirPods, What it does is, refreshes the memory of your software. And removes any error logs that may have occurred. Putting it very simply, it starts the whole process from scratch.

Updating your software for AirPods: This is crucial, as new devices constantly push new updates that are vital for seamless streaming of wireless connections. You can update your AirPods easily with iPhones or iPad.

You can try to unpair and repair your AirPods, and It is different from turning them off and on. Here you can not target your AirPods but the devices you are connected to.

Turn Bluetooth off for all devices that are of no use at that moment. Devices that you have earlier connected can interfere with your current connection.

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