How To Check Spotify Stats {Help Guide}

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In this article, I’ll share how to check Spotify stats. I’m not only sharing with you a single method, but five ways in which you can gather your stats. You can easily use this data to create an ultimate Spotify list. All the methods that I will share with you will be free to use And can be accessed from Mobile and Desktop.

Spotify is one of the most popular websites on the internet, And many people start their day with the app. And when you spend so many hours on an application, You would be curious to know how well you spend your time.

All You Need To Know How To Check Spotify Stats?

1) Stats for Spotify

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This method is one of the easiest and basic ways to check your stats on Spotify. It is generally excellent for those who are not professional, But still want to keep up to date with their stats. Also, It is free, so you don’t have to pay anything to start using this website. Stats for Spotify let you see who are your favourite singers, your loved song, and cherished genres from a month to your entire Spotify history.

Stats for Spotify offers excellent tools apart from fetching your stats. On the same website, You can create a playlist of the songs you play, and you don’t have to go back and forth on Spotify to create a playlist.

2) Spotify Wrapped

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This one is offered by Spotify only. And most people rely on this to create their new year playlist. Every year, Spotify will create a playlist of all the songs you have loved, And present it to you in chronological order depending on which one you listened to most. This list will be of 100 top songs you have heard.

To get this playlist, You don’t have to do anything. This will be created automatically by Spotify, and you’ll see the playlist on your home screen with the title Spotify Wrapped. Although, After a week or so. You won’t be able to see your playlist. But you can still visit the Spotify website, And check your wrapped playlist through a direct link.

3) Obscurity

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Obscurity is similar to the website Stats for Spotify. You can also enjoy features like your best songs, artists, genres, and many more. The crucial part of this website is that it also shows your mood, and it will tell what type of song you listen to and like dance, sad, happy. Not just that, They also have their recommendation system, which means you can enjoy and discover more songs that you love. And like the earlier website, this is also absolutely free. You have to visit the website, Login with Spotify credentials, And start enjoying the stats.

4) Receiptify

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As the name may suggest, it offers a different type of stats than other websites. Receiptify lets you see your stats on Spotify in a way where all your favourite songs are printed on a receipt. Yes, It may look theatrics, But this is a way to differentiate from other websites. And if you are into collecting Walmart receipts, you would love it. It is also very similar to other websites that I have shared. Visit them, login with Spotify ID, And let the app do the heavy lifting. Also, You can do the same with Apple Music, the same thing.

 5) Zodiac Affinity for Spotify

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This one may seem absurd but bear with me. I know Astrology can be a very polarizing topic. Some take it entirely seriously, and some think it’s a gimmick. Whichever spectrum you are on, You should check Zodiac Affinity for Spotify. Once you log in with Spotify ID with the website, It will ask you to choose a Zodiac Sign. After that, It will show the top 5 songs you should listen to. This can be fun to play with your friends. Of course, you can share the songs on your social media.

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