How To Add YouTube Embedded Codes In Tvpayz?

How To Add YouTube Embedded Codes In Tvpayz

Making money online has now become everyone’s dream, but the reality is completely different. Competition is at another level, and almost all techniques and platforms are already occupied except a few. And that platform is none other than TvPayz. Yes, TVPayz is an online platform where you can earn thousands of dollars without any worry or tension. Now, adding YouTube videos to TVPayz will not only increase engagement. But also popularize your YouTube channel. But how to add YouTube embedded codes in If you are also thinking the same, this blog will prove to be an infinite source of light for you. Let’s start with a detailed guide about how to add YouTube embedded codes in

What is TvPayz?

As mentioned, Many people aren’t aware of TvPayz, so before you know how to add embedded codes for the tvpayz site, it’s important to know about the platform in detail. TVPayz is the only platform that allows you to launch your TV channel without any infrastructure and team. Yes, you heard it right! It is a cloud-based platform with over 200 niches and categories.

The platform lets users make a TV channel in any of their preferred niches. But the interesting thing is they have millions of Done For You content in all niches, allowing you to serve content to millions of people instantly through your channel.

How To Add YouTube Embedded Codes In : Step By Step Guide

TVPayz is a perfect platform to earn in multiple ways, from embedding affiliate links to social media and YouTube promotion. You can harness the power of millions of active users on this platform and drive this humungous traffic to other platforms like YouTube. So below is the step-by-step guide for how to add YouTube embedded codes in

Step-1: Open YouTube In Your Browser

It is the first step, but most people make the mistake at this step. They search for the Embed option in the Youtube app, which is not available. To get the embed code for YouTube videos, you need to open the video on a desktop or phone’s browser.

Step-2: Play The Video

Choose the video you want to embed in TVPayz. Play that video in the browser. While playing the video, you don’t have to worry about quality, volume, etc.

Step-3: Click the Share Button

Just below the video player, you will find the Share button. Click on the share button. 

Step-4: Click Embed Option

In the modern browser version, you will find the Embed option in the first spot. However, If you didn’t find the embed option after clicking Share, don’t worry. Clicking on the share button will open a small section, and here, you have to scroll top->down or left->right. Once you find the Embed option, click on it.

Step-5: Copy The Code

Once you click the Embed, YouTube will generate a code snippet for that particular video. Copy the code snipped.

Step-6: Paste The Code To TvPayz

90% of your work is done after copying the code. Now login to the TVPayz dashboard and choose the section where you want that video. Edit that section and paste the copied code. After pasting, hit the publish button.

The code will generate that video on that section automatically, and you are done with your task. You can also adjust the appearance as per your preference by editing that section. The only thing to remember is don’t touch or change the code snippet.

Wrapping Up

As a matter of fact, TvPayz is like a traffic generator for other platforms, and it is not too late to take the first movers’ advantage. The above guide will tell you How to add YouTube embedded codes in After following this guide, you can easily bring the untapped audience to your YouTube channel and videos. And you don’t need any special tool, service, or technical process. It’s your time to Embed Youtube Videos in TvPayz.


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