How To add Links To Tvpayz Channel {Help Guide}

How To add Links To Tvpayz Channel {Help Guide}

Content creators have a lot to do these days. There are various platforms where they can reach audiences. And tvpayz is one such platform. Here you can grow your content more by connecting the different audiences around the world. Here is the guide for how to add links to the tvpayz channel. By adding these links you can boost your content a lot.

This guide is for those who are new to tvpayz. The interface of this content creation platform is easy. Some content creators find it hard to add links to the content. So this guide will help you in all possible ways.

The advantage of adding links to Tvpayz

Here are the advantages of adding links to tvpayz. This advantage will make you eager to add more links to your content. If you have an audience on this platform then these links can benefit you a lot.

Here are some unsaid benefits of adding links to tvpayz.

  1. With the help of links, you can add more beauty to your content. Adding these links and all you can make the audience connect with your content more.
  2. If you are doing any collaborations with other content creators and all then it can help you in promoting. 
  3. If you have your own business then by adding links to your products you can increase customer reach. And you can even increase your sales a lot.
  4. Here you get an opportunity to monetize your content on other platforms. This monetization can help you learn from other platforms too. So you can use these links to do a variety of things with your content.

How To  Add Links to Your TVPayz Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps that you will follow to add the links to your Tvpayz account. This is a detailed guide to add links. So make sure that you follow the steps as it is.

#1. Create Relevant Content

Before you start adding links, ensure that your content is valuable, relevant, and engaging. Whether you’re producing informative videos, entertaining vlogs, or thought-provoking discussions, high-quality content forms the foundation for effective link integration.

#2. Choose the Right Moments

Select the moments within your video where adding a link would make the most sense. if you are showing some products and having a discussion on a long topic. Then add all the relative links. Because it helps the audience to connect more with the content and the products.

#3. Obtain URL’s

Gather the URLs of the websites, articles, social media profiles, or any other resources you want to link to. The links that you will add should be in working condition. It should not be expired and the product should not be out of stock. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the audience.

#4. Utilize YouTube Cards and End Screens

As a matter of fact, TVpayz has different features when used with YouTube. Here are a few benefits of using tvpayz with YouTube.

YouTube Cards

These are interactive elements that appear during the video and can direct viewers to external websites, polls, or other videos. In your YouTube Studio, choose the video you want to add cards to, click on “Cards,” and select “Add card.” Then, choose the “Link” option and insert the URL along with a relevant teaser text.

End Screens

These appear in the last 5-20 seconds of your YouTube video and can include links to videos, playlists, or external websites. In the YouTube Studio, select the video, click on “End screen,” and choose the “Add element” option. You can then select the type of element you want to add (link, video, subscribe button, etc.) and input the necessary details.

#5. Include Links in Video Descriptions

Another effective way to include links is by adding them to your video descriptions. This provides viewers with additional resources related to your video content. Craft informative descriptions that explain the purpose of each link and encourage viewers to explore further.

#6. Regularly Update Links

As your content evolves and new opportunities arise, make sure to update the links in your videos accordingly. Broken or outdated links can lead to a negative viewer experience, So regular maintenance is crucial.

In conclusion, here is How to add links to the tvpayz channel. It is a very easy process and all the involved steps are mentioned here.

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