How to Add Money to (Ultimate Guide)

How to add money to

Key Takeaways – How to Add Money to

  1. Only people having a US Phone number can register on Skillmachine.
  2. You cannot register on, for registration, they have a second website –
  3. To add money to your Skillmachine account, you can go to –
  4. You can withdraw money from your Skillmachine account, by simply logging in. The only requirement is you should have a $300 threshold.
  5. You can get 100 free spins by downloading the Android app. is a gaming website, and there are more than 350 games listed on the platform. The games listed on the platform are free to play. However, there are various ways to use the money on this platform and earn.

In this article, you’ll know how to add money to, plus we will also show some methods to earn bonuses. Let’s begin this article.

What is Skilllmachine?

Skillmachine is a USA-based website, where one can play free games, and participate in bonuses, jackpots, spins, etc. On, you can earn money by playing games, however, you can also lose your money here.

On, you will get 350+ games, categorize into different categories –

  1. All
  2. New
  3. Nudge
  4. Double Nudge
  5. Skill Pick
  6. Favorites

You can get any game into your favorite, just by clicking on the star icon at the top.

Now, let us know how to add money to

How to Add Money to

To add money to, you need to create an account on After creating an account you can go to to deposit money. But first, here is a login and registration process to add money to

Skillmachine Registration and Login Process

To play games on Skillmachine you need to register yourself on their platform. Here is the procedure to register yourself on Skillmachine –

Step-1: Go to

Strangely, you cannot register yourself on, you can only log in there. To register yourself you need to go to, and there will be a registration form will pop up.

And then you need to select your country and add your phone number. You’ll receive a Security code on your given phone number, enter that OTP.

Registration - How to Add Money to

Then, You can Tap on Send.

Step-2: Create Your Login id and Password

Once you have verified your phone number, then you can create your login id and password. Once, you have created your login id and password remember that login id and password, and then you can go to step three.

Step-3: Tap on the login
  1. After creating your login id and password, you can go to or both are the same website.
  2. By going to that website then tap on Login.
  3. And enter your login id and password you have created.
Login method

You can also tap on login by phone number if you don’t remember the password.

Now here is how to add money to your Skillmachine account.

Add Money to

Although many games on this platform are free to play, you need money to participate in Bonuses, Jackpots, and Spins. Hence, you have to add money to your, Skillmachine calls this refilling.

After creating an account on Skillmachine, you will get a 10 welcome bonus, which you can use to play games and spend on Skillmachine. Plus, after downloading the Skillmachine Android app, you will get 100 free spins for free.

Once, these get expired you have to refill your account. Tap on the below button to add money to

You can add money using the deposit methods they will provide.

How to Withdraw Funds from Skillmachine Net?

Skillmachine has a threshold limit of $300; to withdraw your funds you need a minimum of $300 withdrawable funds. If you have more than $300 on your Skillmachine account, you can log in to Then, you can raise a request to withdraw the funds, and your funds will be transferred to your bank account.

How to Claim Bonus on

1. Cashback Bonus

Cashback offer
  1. If you add money to $5 – $500 on the Skillmachine account, you will get a cashback offer.
  2. In this cashback offer, you will get 25% off your initial refill, once your balance is under $0.50.
  3. For example, if you have added $100 to your Skillmachine account, and after you have spent $99.50 on Skillmachine, you will get $25 as a cashback in your Skillmachine account.

2. Welcome Bonus

If you create a new account on Skillmachine, then you will get $10 on your Skillmachine account as a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can be spent on the Skillmachine games, bonuses, spins, etc.

3. 100 Free Spins

Of course, Another great offer on Skillmachine is getting free 100 spins.

You will get 100 free spins on Skillmachine by downloading Skillmachine’s android app. However this Skillmachine’s android app isn’t directly available on Play Store, you need to download it from its website. Unfortunately, for iOS users, there isn’t any app.


Thanks for reading this article, Skillmachine has many games, jackpots, and bonus programs to participate in. You can add money to just by simply going to For this you need to create an account on Skillmachine, creating an account here is an odd process. Moreover, after creating an account it is easy to deposit and withdraw money.

To mention the negative of this platform, many people have said that online games on this platform are not reliable. That’s why you should be careful here.

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