5 Ways to Free Spin and Coin in Coin Master (With Links)

5 Ways to Free Spin and Coin in Coin Master (With Links)

How to Free Spin and Coin in Coin Master – Always be on the top of the leader board, as many of your gamer friends, won’t know about these 5 ways.

As Coin Master gives 5 Spin per hour, you can stock up to 50-60-70 depending on your level. But after you stocked that match, they will stop giving you free spins.

Coin Master Logo

In today’s article, we’ve found many ways to get you the free spin and coin, and yes all the methods are authentic, workable, and legal.

1) Follow @Coin Master on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media

Twitter handle

Nowadays, brands connect with their customers through Social Media, and especially Twitter. A Man from UP, India, got his phone delivered in hours, when he tagged @Flipkart on Twitter, he further said that he was doing complaints to customers service for days.

Likewise, Coin Master also gives gifts to their fans on social media occasionally. Just open your favorite social media app and follow Coin Master. Not only for gifts but if you’re a super fan of the game, you’ll get connected to their team.

  • Instagram-@Coinmasterofficial
  • Twitter- @CoinMasterGame
  • Facebook- @Coin Master

2) Use the below Links to Get Free Spins and Coins

Coin Master Starting Page

Of course, these are the working links you can get free spins and coins so far. These links are active and authentic, but still, some links may get expired over time.


  1. 25 Spins
  2. 25 Spins
  3. 2M Coins
  4. 2M Coins

More Links:-


You can check out the below links carefully. I noticed some links may be spam or expired. On the other hand, links are updated every day on the internet.  So kindly do comment if you face any trouble by opening those links.

  1. 25 spins
  2. 25 spins
  3. 2 Million Coin –
  4. 2 Million Coin
  5. 35 Spins
  6. 10 spin, 1 Million coin

3) Get Free Coins and Spin on This App- Spin Link

Screenshot of app giving coins

I found this method easiest, as you just have to download this app to stay updated with the latest links and updates.

This Spin Link App is developed by ‘Develop Your Life’. The app got more than 1M+ Downloads with a rating of 4.9 stars, which’s given by more than 48k People. And you don’t need any unsecured website for downloading the app, all you can do is simply go and download it from the Google Play store.

You just have to download it and go to the spin links and on there you’ll get free links, for spins as well as coins.

4) Ask your friend for free spins in Coin Master

In Coin Master, if you’ve less than 50 Spin and you just want to acquire more for a reason. Then in that game, you can ask your friend for free spins as a gift.

But there is a limitation on that, one friend can able to send you only one free spin. That means you can get only one free spin through your friend and that’s not cool. But when you play here in Coin Master you may be asked to send a free spin. If this helps, you’ll get many free spins and the same you’ve to do.

5) Invite Friends & Earn Spins on Coin Master

That was the reason I joined Coin Master; my friend invited me on. But, when I was doing some research on how to get free spins, then I get it why he invited me.

When you invite someone on Coin Master, you’re helping their platform to grow. The reason we invite someone to join is that we get a free spin if they join. You’ll get these free spins based on your level.

When I say inviting a friend, it doesn’t mean to just send a link of invitation, they have to make their ID also, which hardly takes 5 Minutes. You can also link this with the 4th one, the more your friends, the more spin you get.


That’s how to get Free Spin and Coin in Coin Master, I hope, after reading this you’ve known how you can get more spins and coins. Using these hacks might help you to increase your levels.

As most of your friends are unaware of these ways, you might be always on top of your Leader Board!

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