How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot In 5 Easy Steps

How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot In 5 Easy Steps

In this article, we explain how to add the birthday field to HubSpot in just 5 easy steps. We will also present an FAQ at the end of this article, which you can read if you have any questions. So login to your HubSpot account and let’s begin.

How to Add Birthday Feild to Hubspot – 5 Steps

Remembering your contact’s birthday is hard, but your HubSpot account can help you with this task. Just by adding the birthday field to your HubSpot account, you can keep track of your contact’s birthday.

Step-1: Log in to your HubSpot account and Tap on the Settings icon

Step 1: Log in to your HubSpot account and Tap on the Settings icon

First of all, go to and log in to your account. After logging in tap on the Settings icon.

Step-2: Tap on Properties under Data Management

Step-2: Tap on Properties under Data Management

In settings scroll down a little bit, and you’ll find the properties option under data management, click on it.

Step-3: Tap on Create Property

How to add birthday field to HubSpot

After clicking on the Properties option, then tap on create property button.

Step-4: Fill Out the Basic Info and Tap on Next

Step 4: Fill Out the Basic Info and Tap on Next

Now, you have to create the property here, you have to fill out the basic info according to you.

For example – 

  • Objective Type – Contact
  • Group – Contact Information
  • Label – Birthday Date
  • Description – It is optional

Then, just tap on Next.

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Step-5: Select Field Type – Date Picker and Tap on Create

Step 4: Fill Out the Basic Info and Tap on Next

After tapping on Next, you will go to the field type.

In Field Type, you have to select Date Picker, after selecting date picker you’ll get a preview, you just have to tap on Create and that’s now you have added a birthday field to HubSpot.

How to Add Birthday Field to Your HubSpot Profile?

Now, as you have created your birthday field in HubSpot, how can you add the birth date of your contacts? Here are the steps to do so.


1) First of all, You can Go to > Login to your account.

2) Then, You can Tap on Settings > Click on User Profile. (Under Account Settings)

3) Now, You can click on the profile on which you are willing to add a birthday field.

4) Then, In the profile details section > click on the Birthday entry.

5) Then, Type the birthday > Enter. 

How to Send Automated Birthday Emails Using HubSpot

In HubSpot, one feature which is very useful is sending automated birthday greeting emails. Plus, it is fully automated, which means you only have to set it once then it will perform its actions.

However, to do so you need to upgrade to HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional, if you have Marketing Hub Professional you can continue further.


1) Log in to your HubSpot account, and click on Automations.

2) Then, tap on Workflow.

3) Now, click on Create Workflow.

4) Click on Start from scratch (1)

5) Then, You can Select – Contact Based.

6) Now, you can click on Contact Date Property. 

7) Then, Select – Birthday.

8) Now on the workflow page, set up Delay, It’s nothing but the time when the system will perform the action.

9) Click on the Plus icon, and select an action, In our case, it is – Send an Email.

10) That’s it review and publish your Workflow

11) Also, turn on re-enrollment, So, the system will perform this task every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why it is Important to Add a Birthday Field in HubSpot?

HubSpot is a useful marketing tool, it offers various marketing tools and features. One of the important features is that you can send birthday emails to your clients and customers. It will help your business in the networking aspect plus help in maintaining relationships with your client.

With a paid subscription to HubSpot, you can also automate the whole process.

#2. Why Couldn’t I Find Birth Date in Settings For My HubSpot Account? 

When creating an account, HubSpot doesn’t require customers to input their birthdates. You have to manually enter their birthday by clicking on edit profile.

However, you should check your email account also, search in spam folders, and check if there is any email that has birthday information. If you still can’t find it, you should contact HubSpot customer support.


HubSpot is a powerful marketing tool, it has equipped businesses with easy-to-use marketing tools. This article has taught you the basic thing a HubSpot account can do, which is to help you add the birth date of your contacts.

Remembering someone’s birthday seems to be a very little thing but a birthday is always a special date for the person. That’s remembering it and wishing can help you establish good relations.

I hope you have found the answer for how to add the birthday field to HubSpot, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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