Easy Fix: This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server

Easy Fix: This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server

If you are in an Apple Ecosystem or even use iPhone’s default mailing app, ‘Mail’, you might have faced problems like emails aren’t downloading. The only message you will get to see is ‘ This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server’. Let’s try some of the quick fixes and methods to resolve our problem.

Some Quick Fixes –

#1. Check Your Connection – 

The most common error because of which your email isn’t downloading is an intercepted connection or unstable connection. The solution is to reset the network. You can turn off the aeroplane mode and turn it on again. Of course, this will reset the connection, go to the Mail App, and see if the difficulty continues or not.

#2. Restart Your Device –

Hold down the power key. Next, slide to switch it off. Next, press the side power button on your iPhone or iPad until you see the “Apple Logo”. This thing might be because it will turn off all the activity and restart it again.

#3. Update Your Device –

Obviously, every software update has bugs and optimization errors, and Apple tries to fix them in their new update. You might require to update your device – Settings > General > About > Software Update > Update your Device.

#4. Reinstall Your Mail Account –

Your Mail Account might have some settings fault. One way to fix it is to browse your settings and fix it. Another option is to reinstall your Mail Account. Yeah, this is much easier and might help you fix this. Reinstall your Mail Account – Settings > Password and Accounts > 

So, these are some of the quick fixes to resolve the email not downloaded issues.

Easy Fix – “This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server”

Let’s first understand the meaning of the alert.

The message you are trying to read isn’t downloaded from the server. Now, what is the server?

When someone sends you an email, it first goes to the server, and you have to download that email from the server via your internet.

Now, if the email isn’t downloading from the server, that means there is an issue with the server or your internet connection.

If the problem is in the server, you just need to wait until Apple fixes the problem, and your internet connection will start downloading from the server again.

But if the problem is with your internet connection, you can fix it by doing some troubleshooting.

#1. Restart Your Phone and Reset Your Network

Restarting your phone or resetting your network can reset the internet connection.

You can first reset your network and verify if the difficulty is resolved or not.

To reset your network, just turn on the aeroplane mode, and turn it off again after some time. Then connect to the internet or wi-fi to download this message from the server.

If the problem isn’t solved, you need to restart your device.

To restart your iPhone or iPad, just long-press the power button, and then slide to power off. Long press it again and connect to the internet and check the mail, and see if the email has been downloaded or not.

#2. Update your device

Sometimes, the software has some bugs and lags that cause the problem.

Now, you don’t expect to face this type of problem from an Apple-like company. That’s why they try to fix the problems in the latest update possible, so you just need to download it if they have released the update.

#3. Check The Software Update –

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, General.
  • Now, check the Software Update.
  • Update on that Newest Software.

iPhone Software Update Image

#4. Check Your Mail Settings

Another reason your mail isn’t downloading mail is incorrect settings. Either you go to Mail settings and check where there is a problem and fix it.

Or delete your Mail account and add it again; this will change settings to default.

Here’s how you can delete your Mail account & add it again –

  • Continue to Settings.
  • Then, search the mail.
  • Now go to Accounts.
  • Tap on your email account (e.g. Gmail)
  • Tap on “Delete Account“.
  • After deleting it, go back to Account and Add account
  • This will change settings to default and probably fix the issue.

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Temporary Solutions For ‘This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server’

Here are temporary solutions that might help you resolve the issue in the short term to continue your work.

#1. Forward The Email –

To see the email content, you need to forward that email, and then there is an option to download that email. You just have to click on yes, and the email will have been downloaded.

  • Go to that email, & tap on the ‘Forward E-mail’ icon.
  • Then you will be asked to ‘Download the Rest of the Message First?’, there you have to tap on Yes.
  • Your email has been downloaded.

This is a temporary trick. Every time you need to check emails, you have to do this.

#2. Access that email from Your Mailing Website –

If you have the email address of Gmail, go to gmail.com and log in with your email there. You can then download and access that message from there.

If you have Outlook’s email address go to outlook.live.com

Similarly, go to your email server’s website. Log in there, and you can access your email account and download it there.

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