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7 Easy Fix: Could Not Communicate with Your Chromecast

If you Could Not Communicate with Your Chromecast, the reason mainly lies in internet problems and network issues.

However, many times in a hurry we miss some of the basic steps that cause problems. For example, If your Google Home App isn’t updated, and you are using too old a version, here is the basic checklist, you should check and if you scroll down you’ll find some troubleshoot methods to help.

  • Your Chromecast is Powered On and plugged into the socket.
  • Chromecast can be used within the range of 4.5m – 6m, make sure your tablets or mobile you are using for set up isn’t too far.
  • The LED Light of your Chromecast is White.
  • Make sure that your WiFi hasn’t had any problems. And test the WiFi networks on other devices.
  • Mainly it’s a network issue, if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has changed or upgraded your router/modem, that also causes the problem.

Why Your Devices Could Not Communicate with Your Chromecast

There are several reasons why your devices could not communicate with your Chromecast.

Some of the reasons are –

  • Internet Connectivity Issue
  • WiFi Password has been changed but not updated in Chromecast.
  • Server Problems

Internet Connectivity Issue – The problem in your WiFi or Internet Network can occur as the problem of not being able to communicate with Chromecast. Check on other devices, if there is the same connectivity issue, you need to fix your network first.

WiFi Password has been Changed – If you have changed your WiFi Password. But forgot to update it in Google Home App, then also this connectivity issue can occur.

Server Problems – If this is a server problem, you can’t do anything until your server gets fixed, you can just wait and then restart it again.

7 Easy Ways To Fix “Could Not Communicate with Your Chromecast” Issue

#1. Reboot the Devices

Simply rebooting the device can solve this problem, by clearing the cache in the system. First of all, You need to reboot your WiFi Router and Chromecast Device.

In Order to reboot the Chromecast device, you can just unplug the device from the appropriate power source.

You should also unplug WiFi Router from Power Souce for at least one minute.

#2. Factory Reset Your Chromecast

Factory Reset can definitely solve your connectivity problem, since it will delete all your previous data like your Passwords, WiFi Networks, etc. After Factory Resetting you need to set up this information again.

Factory Resetting is different for different Chromecast devices. Here are the steps to factory reset for Chromecast devices.

1 – Chromecast 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen & Ultra

  • Hold down the Side Button of the Chromecast, while it is plugged into a TV.
  • LED will begin to blink in orange colour.
  • Release the Button when it stops blinking and turned into solid white.

2 – Chromecast 1st Gen

  • Hold down the Button of the Chromecast, while it is plugged into a TV.
  • Release the button when the LED light flashes white or after 25 seconds.
  •  Once the TV goes blank the device should be restart

3. Update to the latest version

If you are using the older version there is a possibility that you could face this problem, you should update the Google Chromecast App on the device you are using the Chromecast.

#4. Connect the TV and Mobile at the Same Frequency

This is for those, who have dual-band routers – 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

If you have a dual-band router, make sure you have connected your mobile device and TV in the same frequency band.

You can check this in your WiFi app or Website.

Related – How To Reset Google Wifi – You Should Try Today

#5. Try Turning WiFi On/Off 

Disconnect all your devices from your WiFi, and reconnect them after a few minutes.

You can unplug your WiFi Router for a few minutes.

6. Delete and Reinstall Google Home App

Delete the App, Reinstall it and set it up again. If you can’t uninstall the app, just delete all the app’s data in settings.

Go to Settings – Search Manage Apps – Search Google Home App – Clear all Data

7. Contact Customer Care 

If any of the mentioned things above doesn’t work the only option left is to contact customer service support.

The customer support number should be on the box of Chromecast, if not then you can hover to the support page – Google Chromecast Customer Support 

Customer Support Phone Number

USA – 1-800-419-0157

INDIA – 844-252-6036

Chromecast Customer Service Page https://www.cromecastcomsetup.com/blog/

You might need to repair it if the problem lies in the hardware.

Alright, that’s it for this article, thanks for reading!


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