8 ways to tell if a woman has multiple partners

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There could be many reasons for you girl to date multiple partners at the same time. but if you want to know then there are clear signs that can tell if she is dating another person. like, never gives you time, hanging out more frequently with male friends, lacks intimacy never shows you her phone etc.

Different signs to tell if women have multiple partners

Are you in doubt that your female partner is dating multiple people? Talking about women, they are not very open about this topic in any relationship. If you are in a toxic relationship where you are fighting with your girl almost every day on nonsense topics then there are chances that your relationship may not last long. But before going out of that toxic relationship there is a chance that your girl may start dating multiple people.

You might not be sure about this. But surely there are some strong warning signs that you can tell the truth. In this article, I’m gonna talk about all the things about how to tell if a woman has multiple partners.

Cross-check these signs with your partner’s current behaviour and you will know if she is cheating on you or not. Multiple partner things can even happen after just months of dating so don’t always trust blindfolded.

Sign #1: She doesn’t give time to you

Let’s talk straight. How many hours in the day do you both hang out together? It is not about the time I think in today’s lifestyle everybody is busy so it becomes a matter of priority to whom you spend time with. This is a very clear sign, when she starts ignoring you and gives you a very silly excuse for not seeing you, and also whenever you meet she always seems preoccupied and leaves in a hurry. These are all signs clearly indicate that she is into someone else (multiple partners) so watch for this.

Sign #2: Carefully handles her phone

Girl handle the phone

After being in a relationship for some time you get very comfortable with your partner and even phone sharing becomes very common. But when your girl starts to become more and more protective towards her phone then this might be a sign of double dating. Like she always hides her phone when you sit beside her, never leaves her mobile phone on the table or couch either it remains in her hand or purse. She avoids using the phone calls in front of you and she is always on her. Wherever you go away for a minute she starts looking into her phone and giggles secretly.

She will not say anything to you but these are the signs that they have been dating another person too.

Sign #3: Flirting with boys

Your girl might be an extrovert but if she flirts with other guys in front of you without caring about you it means she is looking for a polyamorous relationship. When you try to talk about this she takes all this in-joke but hurting someone’s feelings is not a joke. She is disrespecting you in front of other guys. And she is comfortable doing this. It is only because she doesn’t care about your feelings anymore and maybe she is just looking for a fight to get out of the relationship. Staying in a toxic relationship will only affect your mental health.

Sign #4: She has a boyfriend in another city

Girl romance with her boy friend

If she had told you that she already has a boyfriend in another city but she is looking for a new partner because the first one is toxic and then will suggest you stay away from such girls. It is clear that she is playing games. You might not be the only one. Maybe she has 2, 3, or more relationships outside the city. So never get into a serious relationship with such girls because you will give your best in that relationship and she might just be playing games with you. Some girls enjoy having multiple romantic partners.

Sign #5: She avoids commitment

If a girl is looking for a monogamous relationship then she will never say no or avoid the topic of commitment. However, this is not the case with every girl. Maybe she had a very bad relationship experience in the past that’s why she avoids commitment. It differs from personality to personality. So this can’t be a clear day but it doesn’t mean that it says nothing. If she is having any genuine reasons for this then it is ok but in other cases, it is just another sign so be careful.

Sign #6: Lack of intimacy in the relationship

Again this is a very personal choice but when you are in love with someone you always crave his physical affection. This is a factor I can say is a human body tendency. But if you are lacking this thing in your relationship then it might be a sign. Again if you are only taking this as a sign then it will not make any sense. You should try to talk to her. Maybe she has a very genuine and strong point about this. So the only basis for this doesn’t come from any judgment.

Sign #7: She hangs out with her male friends more frequently

Girl always hang out with her male friends

There is nothing wrong with having male friends. Everyone can have friends of their choice and irrespective of their gender. But when she starts avoiding you and gives more time to her male besties than you then it becomes a matter of concern. See, insecurities are present in every relationship; it’s just how you handle them. If she goes with her male friends without being announced and always avoids talking on this topic. And she always says you are wrong when you say something on this topic, so it might be a sign.

Sign#8: She never says your name

When she stops calling you cute names or never calls you names like sweetie, honey, babe, etc. then this is a sign that she is not into you. Every male likes this when his partner calls him by a different cute name, you guys may not admit all this but deep down every guy wants this. When you tell her to do so she then avoids this and always distracts you from the topic.

These are all some clear signs to tell if women have multiple partners. Not every relationship is perfect. You gotta do some work on that but one-sided efforts never work.

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