9 Ways To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

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Handling a breakup is not easy but here are some tips to make your guy regret it. Start enjoying your company, try to be jealous of him and avoid him as much as possible.

In today’s world, it is very difficult for us to trust someone in a relationship. Many people face toxicity in relationships and due to this, they feel bad later. Of course, Many Girls often have to deal with these kinds of issues. After a breakup, it becomes very difficult to overcome that. Many girls cope with that situation very wisely. But in some cases, they start thinking about that too much and get depressed. Many guys start ghosting their partners after some time. Yeah, It’s time to make a guy regret ghosting you instead of being sad. But first, you have to overcome that sad phase and after that make him regret his decision.

All You Need To Know About How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You?

#1. Being Yourself & Accept Yourself 

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First of all, From today onwards you have to start spending more time with your friends and family. If it wasn’t your mistake then don’t feel sad about that. You are the queen of your world and you should show that to him. Start living your life freely and try not to think about the past. If you’ll start thinking only positive things then you’ll automatically see a huge change in your life. Stop wasting your precious time on old memories and if they’ve moved then what are you waiting for? Start living a great life and move on. Now we’ll discuss how you can do that.

#2. Make Him Regret His Decision- Always Happy

Now let’s talk about how to make a guy regret ghosting you. There are many ways from which you can make that guy regret his poor decision and lose you. But here we’ll discuss some most effective methods. If you apply these things to your life then he’s surely going to regret losing you. You don’t have to put sad status after breaking up or after a fight. But you have to show him that you feel happy without him too. Show him that no one can hurt you and you can enjoy your life without him. He should feel that you are living more freely without him and now you have more personal space than before. Start meeting your old friends and enjoy yourself with them. He’ll automatically start thinking that he doesn’t deserve to be your partner.

#3. Know Your Worth

If he ghosted you then ghost him back. And after ghosting him don’t ever try to talk to him or never approach him. Let him experience the consequences of his own actions. You’ll start feeling pleasure in your life. Explore the world. There are many guys that are waiting for your approval. Find a perfect partner for yourself who can understand you more and also listen to you. Make that guy regret who ghosted you by finding someone who’s better for you.

#4. Don’t Give Another Chance

Ghosting you was his decision but you should never give him another chance so that he can do that again. So you should be very careful if you’re giving him another chance. If he gives you a genuine reason then you can do that but if you have trust issues then you should take your steps back and ghost him.

#5. Find New Partner & Peaceful Life 

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After a breakup, you don’t have to feel guilty for that. Because it was not you who ghosted him but it was he who did it. So you should start your search for a new partner and start living your life again. Act like you are done and start ignoring him. Make contact with your old friends and socialize with them. In fact, you can also make new friends which would also help you to search for your new partner. So just search for things that you need in your partner and when you find them in someone then you should go for him.

#6. Start Love When You Find Perfect One

Once you find the qualities you need in someone then start dating him and be clear in your mind so that you’ll have no regrets about that in the future. Make sure your new partner is worth it for you and makes you feel happier than before. When you feel good with someone then you start loving them more and get more attracted. So if he makes you feel good then just go for it.

When the guy who ghosted you will see you happier with someone else then he’s surely going to get jealous. Make sure that he thinks that ghosting you was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Post photos with your new partner on social media so that they’ll reach him. He’ll realize what he has lost. If he was who stopped talking then show him who you actually are.

#7. Start enjoying your company

If you searched for a new partner you couldn’t find any of them compatible with you then start enjoying your company. Start spending more time with your family. If you think that you should have space for some time then take your time and start living your own journey. Start focusing on your goals and living your life. Now you can again concentrate on your life aims and try to achieve them.

#8. Learn New & Achieve Your Life Goals

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In this world, you can do a lot of different things out there. Take the time to learn some new skills. For example, you can start taking guitar classes that will help you to achieve mental peace and you can also join a gym. Attending yoga and meditation classes will also help you to concentrate on yourself and be a better human being. It is not the end of the world and your life goals if you break up with your partner. Breakup is another chance to start your life from the beginning.

#9. Ignore the Guy ASAP

You should think like the owner of your own life and should enjoy it the way you want. One person cannot change your life and you should not give a chance to anyone. So firstly you should try to spend more time with your close ones. After that, you should start to ignore the guy who ghosted you and show him actually who you are. After that, you can start a new life and spend time with yourself as the first priority, hanging with your lovable family and friends. If you think that you need another partner then go for it. But don’t think that having a partner is necessary. Start a relationship with someone only if you think that he’s the one. The guy who ghosted you should regret losing you and only you can make him regret his decision.

So guys that’s all for today stay connected for more interesting blogs like this. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you understand the things of how to make a guy regret ghosting you and how to move past the breakup stage of your life.

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