When to let go of a long distance relationship?

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In this world of social media, we socialize more on different media platforms even more than in real life. It helps us to feel that we’re in touch with people even if they are far away. Due to this many people who are living far away from their loved ones or families feel connected to each other. Social media and good connectivity have tossed a new concept of long-distance relationships.

Now, couples could easily maintain their long distance relationship because of that. In previous times people used to send letters to their loved ones but now they can call or text messages them anytime whenever they want. So, the internet is such a facility for them. But still, many problems are faced due to separation. So, today we are going to discuss long distance relationships and the problems that we face. We’ll also discuss solutions to these problems and much more.

What is long distance?

When a couple is separated due to some reasons and living far from each other and still maintaining their relationship. There are many possible reasons for that separation. It could be work-related, family-related and many other reasons are possible. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to maintain love in a relationship due to distance. Many insecurities also arise due to distance. Some couples manage these problems wisely. In some cases, it becomes very difficult.

How to stay happy in long distance?

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To stay happy in these types of situations firstly you should have trust in your partner. If you trust your partner then it will automatically become easy for you.

The feeling of love arises after we start to feel for someone. After feeling for someone we get attracted towards them and start admiring them. But sometimes distance becomes the reason for the breakup. It all starts with feeling sad. In these situations, you have to respect your partner’s time management.

How to find that relationship is working well or not?

Sometimes you casually start thinking that the relationship isn’t working. You start to think that your partner is not putting in an effort. In this situation, it is better to have to start a good conversation with them. Because you are in a long distance relationship then you should video call or text conversation with them and discuss what’s going on in your mind., Because of this, you’ll express your views to them. It will also help you to know about the mindset of your partner. Ups and downs usually come in relationships. Sometimes you’ll not feel good. Possibly you will overthink that but in the end, you have to discuss your problems and sort them out.

There are many possibilities of little fights and arguments in long distance relationships. But, is it time to say goodbye? No, firstly find out what are the reasons for it. Then check if you eliminate these problems then still your long distance relationship working. Of course, Your efforts will determine the outcome in the end. But if you are trying your best and your partner isn’t thinking the same way then it’s time to break up.

Problems faced during a long distance relationship?

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You should tell your long distance partner to talk daily so that you both feel connected. This is one of the major problems in these relationships. Couples don’t talk daily which leads to feeling more uncomfortable in relationships. It gives birth to more insecurities and can ruin your love life. You should call each other and talk about your daily activities and what’s going on in your life. This will lead to better understanding and you will feel connected with your partner.

One other reason could be constant fights. If your fights are happening constantly then instead of arguing and fighting you should try to find out the reasons for it. After finding reasons for it try to sort out these problems and maintain love in your relationship.

Plans for the future can also be one of the reasons for frequent fights. If you are tired of long distances and your partner has no plans to do it better in the future then it could be a serious problem. If they are not adjusting then figure out the problem. Try to make your partner understand your problems. If he even doesn’t then you have to think about it seriously.

When you should get out of a relationship?

Now we’ll discuss when to let go of a long distance relationship. There are many signs that you can notice and sometimes you have to see if your partner’s behavior is changing towards you. If you had a few days without talking and still another person is not showing any effort to talk then it is possible that they aren’t showing much interest in you. And then there is no way to stay here and you should then break up when that happens.

There are many red flags that you can notice in a relationship. One of the biggest disadvantages of long distance relationships is that you cannot stay connected to each other as you were before. One of these problems is a lack of communication. It is very clear that if you both are not having a good conversation then it will be difficult to grow that relationship. Communication is one of the basic roots of the relationship and if you both are lagging there then you should think about it and get out of that relationship.

Should you take a break?

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Sometimes we just feel exhausted from a relationship and in the heat of the moment, you think that you should end all this. But this is not a wise decision for sure. You may feel guilty for your decision after some time and that can ruin your mental peace and also you will feel anxiety and depression. So you have to think seriously about that before taking that serious step. Instead of ending your relationship, you can take a break from it for some time. This will help to capture your personal space again and you’ll feel good and refreshed. After that, you can make your decision peacefully.

So, instead of breaking up, you should prefer taking a break. Take that decision after telling your partner and discuss with them that you need a break. After that break, you will make your decision with your free mind so it will be helpful for you for sure.

Scientific searches also showed that taking a break will be helpful to make a relationship stronger. So, this is a very good option. Not only for you but it’ll be helpful for your partner as well.

5 things you can do to save your long distance relationship!

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#1. Video Calls

Video calls can play the role of savior to your relationship. Through them, you feel connected and will feel less insecure about your loved ones. VCs can be very helpful to stay connected and if you video calls your partner from time to time then you’ll have information about that. But you should not do it too much because everyone should have their personal space. So you should give them theirs too.

#2. Don’t Force

You should not argue if they say that they have some important work then you should simply tell them to talk later. For example, if your partner gets an important email suddenly then you should talk to them later.

#3. Talk & Understand

You both should discuss your personal goals with each other so that you’ll get more chances to know each other. Discussing life goals will automatically help you to know each other’s routines and how much time you have to give each other. This will build a mutual understanding in both of you that’ll help to improve the quality of your relationship.

#4. Spend Time

Of course, there is no doubt if you are in a long distance relationship then you can spend very little time together in real life with your loving partner. But you should spend as much time as possible whenever you get a chance. Whenever you are near their city then you should travel a little more to visit them. Also, tell them to do the same. Spend as much time as you can whenever you both can.

#5. Try To Fix Relationship Issues

We all know that long distance relationships are not easy but if you want them to work and both have spark then no obstacles can stop you. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t work as expected but you have to focus on that sometimes to make it work. Also, you don’t have to ignore the problems and difficulties that you face in a relationship. You should try to sort them gently, and still, if you don’t find a way then you should choose the last option which is to end the relationship.


Sometimes we decide to end things so quickly and after that, we usually regret that so you should think from your mind and heart as well before making big decisions like that. Giving time and personal space in a relationship is necessary but ignorance is a different thing. You should know the difference between ignorance and personal space. Giving personal space is very important because if you don’t give it to your partner then you could feel like a burden on them.

So that was all my friends. We hope for a better relationship and happy life.

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