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8 Best Ways To Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying!

Hiding in tears is not easy but by following the right tricks you can do this. all these tips to hide the crying face are very effective and give the result instantly.

How To Hide Crying Eyes & How To Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying?

Every one of us faces such a situation where we cry very hard we do not want to make that obvious. This situation includes crying over a Tv series, a breakup, or some kind of family situation. We try to hide the fact that we just had a good cry. Also stopping crying is not an easy thing. The emotions flow through the eyes, to control tears immediately and make it look like everything is normal is a hygge thing. So in this article, you will find how to make it look like you weren’t crying in front of people, at parties or in any other public place.

#1. Splashing Water

While crying your face becomes red and because of the nerve stimulation, the face feels very hot. Due to this, your face looks very obvious that you cried before. Splash cool water on your face. Splash 3 to 4 times and pat with the help of a dry towel. When tears flow the eye area becomes puffy. Water helps to decrease the swelling and give redness relief.  Overall the weeping effects become nil and it makes you look normal.

#2. Use Facial Wipes

If you are wearing makeup then your face will look like a disaster after crying. To tackle this use makeup remover wipes. Try to use oil-free wipes because they will help you clean all the excess overflowed makeup. Do not try to replace face wipes with a paper towel. This will not help you remove the makeup properly and make you look more ugly.

#3. Use Good Eye Drop 

Girl tear sye drop for girl

To hide those bloodshot eyes use an eyedrop. Eye drop relieves the eye’s pain and also decreases the redness of the eyes. Some good-quality eye drops also help in reducing the swelling. Put the drop in your eye and keep the eye close for at least 5 minutes. Try to avoid slipping eye drops from the eye. Keep it inside for a few minutes. This way it will work best.

#4. Waterproof Makeup

In some cases, you know that you will be going to cry in the future like, at your sister’s marriage, watching an emotional movie, etc. wear a waterproof makeup and apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner over the eyes. This way your makeup will not ruin completely. Use navy eyeliner instead of the black one. Of course, This will not only enhance your appearance, but it will also help you to look normal when you cry or after you cry because of this waterproof makeup magic. This will make look like you weren’t crying and this trick workout for any place.

#5. Take Deep Breaths

Girl take deep breathe in water

When you need to stop crying immediately then use this trick. Take as much as a deep breath as possible. Obviously, This will allow your nerves to calm down, allowing your breathing to become normal again. Also, drink cold water. You can try to repeat this process 3 to 5 times. Drink water and then inhale and exhale deeply. You will instantly stop crying. Although it will not help in making your appearance look normal. But if you are on verge of crying in front of everyone then this trick can save you.

#6. Rub Ice Cubes

If you had a very bad cry then you can rub ice cubes on your face and eyes. This will make all the crying effects. Also, blow your nose hard. Through the mucous out and make your nose clean for the normal breathing process. You can also fill a bowl with water, add small pieces of ice to it and dip your face in the bowl for 2 minutes. All the crying symptoms will disappear immediately.

#7. You Are Ok!

Come in front of the mirror and tell yourself that everything is ok around you. Keep your face up and think about the positive side of the situation or something that makes you happy. This is another trick to stop the tear flow from the eyes. Use a mirror to check your appearance before going out in public. Check if your eyes are looking ok and your hairs are ok etc.

#8. Act


The best way to hide feelings and your extra emotions is by acting. Until you become free try to act like everything is ok and normal. Do not think about that situation. You maybe suck in acting but your body is your slave you can make it act however you want. So just smile wide while you are out in public.


In conclusion, hiding tears from everyone is not easy but surely there are tricks to do this. All these above tricks will help you hide your tears in every situation. You will not need anything special to do this, just basic things will be good to go. Avoid those situations that can make you cry in the public. Some people do not care about the tears in public but some become very conscious about themselves. It is up to the nature of a person so you do not need to blame yourself for anything.

Follow these tricks properly and you will get good results instantly. Do not overdo anything.

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Can I Totaled My Leased Car Without Insurance

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