Here’s How To Stop Missing Your Ex?

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Relationships are complex things and getting over a breakup is more common. you can drain yourself emotionally by thinking about him. try all these tricks to stop missing your ex. all these can make you forget about your ex within a few weeks.

How To Stop & Things To Do When You Miss Your Ex?

Are you feeling sad because of your breakup? Well! There is no doubt about it, it is a very hard thing to move on after falling in love with someone so far. Missing your ex is a very normal thing because your brain denies removing the good memories that they gave you and all this can lead you to some serious mental health problems. The solution is here. I will tell you how to stop missing your ex. Remember it is not an easy process sometimes it takes months or even years to move on. But all the below instructions will help you get beach into real life and make you more emotionally stable.

I always recommend keeping in mind that you are worth loving and deserve to have a happy romantic life if you think about it. Of course, The following are some approaches that you can follow in order to help you heal your broken heart.

#1. Do not blame yourself

Never I say never take the whole blame on yourself for the breakup. It is always a two-sided process and the other partner has an equal role in this. The more you think it was your fault the more you want to make up with him. Do not feel bad about the things that you have not done. Try to feel good that finally, a very toxic part of your life has ended.

Let’s take an example to understand this. If your ex cheated on you it does not mean you were not pretty or good enough for him. It was all his fault. Remember you are beautiful the way you are and nobody has the right to judge you about your looks and personality. So do not blame yourself because a breakup always requires two hands.

#2. Try to spend your time with friends and family

Girl spend time with friends and families

Of course, The fact is when you try to spend time with your favorite friends and family, it helps to divert your mind. As a person, you need emotional support during break-ups, and if you are thinking constantly about your ex then you will probably be driving yourself crazy when you keep thinking of them. Try taking a break from them. You can go on a family trip, visit your old school/college friends, go out with friends and spend time with your families. This will strengthen your bond with all those people who will stay for a lifetime with you. This is the best way to distract your mind from the breakup pain and you will eventually stop missing your ex.

#3. Meet new people

If you are an extrovert person then this will work best for you. In today’s world, social media is the ultimate platform for everything. Try to make new friends via social media or by attending parties of friends of friends. A new person will fill the wounds of the past. Because you become busy knowing the other person so you will eventually forget the old one. This will work best if you have a long-term relationship. If you are feeling lonely and do not have many friends in real life then you can hang out with some friends that you have made on social networking sites. And who knows you may find someone who can become a perfect match for you if you are lucky

#4. Stay busy

Sometimes we fool ourselves by missing someone. But it actually came out of boredom. So try to fill your free time with some activities that you are good at. You can try to learn a new skill or you can go to dancing classes or anything you find yourself good at. By doing this you will get less free time and you will think about them less. Do not obsess over a person because it makes you weak both mentally and physically. There will be plenty of things that you will be good at. Just look at your inner self and start doing things that help in your growth. Be more productive. You will not only stop missing your ex but also become a more independent person.

#5. Write your feelings

Girl write feelings on paper

It is very hard to explain your feelings to someone. Especially love and relationships, these things are very common. You might get frustrated while trying to explain everything. The ultimate solution for this is writing. You might not like writing but trust me this will work best. Write everything that you are feeling in a notebook. You can tear that page later because there is no benefit to keeping the sad feelings or moments. Write everything that is inside you, every single thought about him that you are having. In the end, you will understand why you two broke up and why it is not a good idea to get back with him. Write his pros and cons. This will help in making your mind more strong toward moving on.

#6. You should allow yourself to cry

Even though it might sound strange, you should not always try to be strong and it’s very hard to hide feelings because we all are humans. Instead, express your emotions. If you need to cry as much as you want, let’s do it!

This will help you feel better but remember do not do this every day. For a few days, it is ok but does not let this happen every day. Soon you will get over this feeling and feel much better. Because emotions are something that we can not control. For example, if you are missing someone you can’t stop this all you can do is distract yourself from his memories. So there will be no point in holding on to your anger or tears. Just let them flow. They will be flowing for your good.

#7. Travel

Girl travel and explore new places

The best way to stop missing him is by traveling. Meet new people, explore this new area and see what it has to offer. It is not important that you go to some expensive place or visit some other country just go to your hometown. Explore your own city. Do not sit at home on weekends, go out and have fun. The outside atmosphere will automatically fill the new energy within you. You will feel a lot better at the end of the day. It also gives you a sense that you do not need to have him for having fun or going out.


In conclusion, relationship goals are not always true. There is no such word as forever. So do not waste your energy and time overcoming one. Maybe God has planned better for you. Wait for the right moment. Answers to all the common questions like how to overcome a breakup, how to stop missing him etc are given above. Follow all these simple tricks and you will see the difference within weeks. When you will start focusing on yourself more, you will eventually forget him. Remember you are the priority. Always leave space for yourself in your life. Do not allow someone to come and break your heart because it is very hard to heal a broken heart. So do not give this much importance to anyone.

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