Top 7 Signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

Feature Image: Top 7 Signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

libra men are very inexpressive. Sometimes we get wrong idea about them. Here are signs how they tries to hide hide feelings and why. They are overprotective, shy, mature.

Libra man and the love angles

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Have you ever been in a relationship with libra man? Libra is among the most complicated yet lovable zodiac signs. Being with a libra male is kind of difficult because they are less expressive. You knew that they were in love with you but they never admitted this first. Libra men are great communicators, they can hear you very well. But they are very well trained in hiding their emotions. You can never tell what they are thinking and feeling. Because they hide their emotions well. Despite everything they are great lovers once they start loving you then they will never leave you. But if you are someone who likes expressive males then you might not find yourself fit with libra. They never express their love first and always give you mixed signals. So sometimes you will feel that they love you and in the second moment you feel nothing.

In this article, I will explain what are the signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings. If you are dating a libra man then this article will help you to understand him better.

Here are seven signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

#1. Remembers everything about you

So, this is very important about the Libras. Whenever you tell him something about you they pay attention to that. You might feel that they are not listening and all but they listen carefully and even retain that information. For example, have you ever been in an argument with him and suddenly he tells something about the past. You will notice that they still remember that incident as it is. So don’t ever misunderstand that he doesn’t care about you. They know your favorite color, fruit, food, place, and activity. Libras have so much information in their brains so it is obvious of them to overthink. Hence try to understand their point of view too.

#2. Overprotective nature

So this is something that you will not notice until you’ll try to focus especially on this. This trait will not be in any aggressive form but you can tell this through actions. The way they will handle situations around you will tell you all. He may not ask about your social media passwords but he will surely want to know about your friends on different platforms. Honestly, this thing can come out very sweet sometimes like they check your drink if it is hot or not, always choose the roadside while walking, taking care of you in periods, etc.

#3. Asking questions

If a Libra is in love with you and he is hiding his feelings from you then this sign will help you. So if he is asking a lot of questions about you in a conversation it means he is surely into you and he is trying to get to know you better. Libra men are shy around their love so they might get anxious and nervous around you. They will try to spend time with you. He enjoys talking about you and your interests. If you tell him any story then he will ask a lot of questions from that just to know your emotions and thoughts.

#4. Body language

Our body has its language. People learn about body language to know about others. Your tongue may speak lies but your body never. If libra men have true feelings for you then he will always remain quiet around you. Because they are afraid to say creepy things in front of you. He will try his best to make you feel comfortable around you. Hence it becomes important for you to learn about body language. Few signs are as follows. If you look closely, you will see that he leans towards you while speaking. Always tries to scan your face and ends up on your lips. He will try not to touch you in any situation. So eye contact is very important while talking to a libra.

#5. Priority choices

Man feel things more than women. So when it comes to choosing priorities they always put their lovers first. Libra males always value their time and try to spend that with only valuable people. So if your man is spending time with you despite their busy schedule then he is really into you. It is not hard to understand the feelings of libra. Because if they are really onto you only then they will pay attention towards you. Living according to their priorities is very important to them. He will avoid his friends to meet you, always message you first, and even wait for you. What you will do with them is up to you. Handling a libra in life is tough because they are extremely loyal to you.

#6. Jealousy

I think this is every man in the world. If a man loves you then he will hundred percent get jealous of your male friends. Their facial expressions change immediately as soon as any other male comes into conversation with you. Even he doesn’t like you to some unwanted text conversation with others. Because the simple answer is he likes you. You can use this to make them express their feelings. Women know how to use things well. Another thing is that they will never admit jealousy no matter how obvious it is. They are very bad in expression but their body language says it all. Libra are overthinkers so it is hard for them to suppress their jealousy. They eventually start thinking of losing you, that’s why they become overprotective over you.

#7. Awkward talking and expressions

If you went on a date with him and he starts behaving awkwardly around you. Like trying to avoid eye contact, stop talking about him, and just listen to you then this is a very obvious sign of him that he is interested in you. This may confuse you but trust me he is into you. He may talk a lot on text but in person, he will remain quiet. You may feel that he is not interested in talking, that’s why they are behaving weirdly but it’s the opposite. During anxiety, he may say something weird or clumsy. Once you calm him down and make him comfortable around you, you will be able to see his true color of love.

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