3 Methods For How To Unclog A Disposable Cart

3 Methods For How To Unclog A Disposable Cart

It sucks when you want to vape, but your vape clogs. I know this feeling very well. After going through this feeling many times I have discovered a few ways to unclog a disposable cart. And trust me when you know to do this it feels like I am the most vulnerable person. Well, jokes apart. Here we will discuss how to unclog a disposable cart.

Disposable vape carts are handy. if you’re a regular vape smoker then you know the importance of these disposable vape carts. But the only issue that comes with these vapes is clogging. They clog very easily.

But we have different methods to unclog your vape cart. I have personally tried these. And trust me it works every time. It saves money, time, and energy.

Possible cause for clogging of disposable carts

Before jumping into the solutions, it is essential to know the underlying cause. If you know the cause, you can only work on the solutions.

Here is a list of some common causes for clogging of disposable carts.

  • With time the e-liquid starts to become hard. This leads to the accumulation of residue in the cart.
  • If by any chance there is moisture inside the disposable cart then it will clog. This is the main reason for many vape clogging cases.
  • Suppose you have stored your cart in an upright position for too long then it can leak and clog at the same time.
  • Many people think storing vape carts in a cool place will help the cart last longer. But this is not true. It leads the liquid to harder which in turn clogs the vape cart.

3 Different methods to unclog a disposable cart

Now we will learn about different methods that you can try. Unclogging a vape cart is easy. You just have to try a few things and remember if after trying all this the vape is not working then you should think about buying a new disposable vape.

#1. Use warm water

  • To unclog the vape cart, you have to separate the cart from the battery.
  • Once it is separated, now you have to take a bowl filled with warm water.
  • And place your cart into that water for a few minutes.
  • Make sure you keep the water level above any electronic part of the vape.
  • If the clogging was due to oils then it help melting the oils.

#2. Use your hair dryer

  • For this, you will need a hair dryer. Turn on your hairdryer on slow heat.
  • Hold the vape cart a few inches away from the hair dryer.
  • Now start blowing air on the vape cart for at least 3-4 minutes. 
  • Do not turn the dryer on very high heat.
  • Otherwise, it will melt the whole vape cart.

#3. Unclogging mouthpiece

  • If the clogging is in the mouthpiece then you can manually clean your mouthpiece.
  • For this, you have to take one needle.
  • Insert the needle into the mouthpiece directly.
  • Slowly twist the needle into the mouthpiece for few times.
  • And once you’re done with this pull the needle slowly.
  • The residue will come along with the needle.
  • If you are still seeing some residue inside then you can repeat this process.

Preventive measures to keep the disposable cart safe from any clogging

Well! If you are a regular vape smoker then you might not get into this trouble. But if you are an occasional smoker then you can face this situation. For this, you have to store the vape properly.

  • Do not store the vape in direct sunlight.
  • Do not place the vape into your freezer. It can make the liquid hard and as a result, clogging will happen.
  • Never store your vape in an upright position. Because it is the worst position to store your vape.
  • Always heat the vape battery first before taking a puff. This helps the liquid to melt.

What is the price for a new vape cart?

After trying all this? The vape is still not working? Well! It is time to buy a new one. You can easily find a vape in both offline and online stores. Sometimes there are heavy discounts on online vape cart sales.

On average, you can get the vape cart for $20-$30. The flavor and the store can affect the final price of the product.


After facing many vape cart clogging events you’re here for the solutions. Do not worry I have got your back here. There are a few simple things that you can do to unclog your vape cart. Try all the above methods and their steps one by one.

But I am sure if you try one method properly then you will not need to jump on a different one. Because these work every time. So try these methods and save your money expenditure on vape carts.


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