How To Save Money On Groceries- {11 Legit Ways}

Feature Image- How To Save Money On Groceries- {11 Legit Ways}

Do you want to save money on groceries? here are some tips to save up to 60% on your groceries. these tips are fully verified.

How To Save Money On Groceries? {Money-Saving Tricks}

Are you one of those people who is spending a lot of money on groceries? And you really wanna save money on groceries. Well, you come to the right place. Here you will find some tips on how to save money on groceries. Grocery shopping is not easy work, we always end up buying unnecessary things in the store and all this affects our monthly expenses. These tips and tricks will help you save some extra money at the end of the month without getting into any trouble on your end. So read this carefully.

#1. Loyalty Programs

Loayalty programs and get reward points

Some stores have the loyalty program sign-up process for free. By doing this you will get an extra discount on every purchase from the store without any clipping coupons. Most new stores run these free sign-up schemes to attract customers. This is a great deal so always do this whenever you get a chance.

#2. Go Alone

If you really wanna lower the grocery bill then go alone shopping. Taking kids with you or someone else can add some extra dollars to your bill. Because for sure you will end up buying unnecessary first, you might feel a little awkward alone but this is the pro max tip to save your money. In the end, you will like this thing and will repeat this every month or week.

#3. Wait For Sale

Girl waiting for sale in groceries

Sales are the best option for buying in bulk. You will get the brand items cheap and you can stock more on sales. You can get stuff in whole at unit pricing. Fruita and veggies are something that can not be consumed in bulk and they will end up getting bad so avoid buying those on the whole. Buy you can stock the other packet kinds of stuff.

#4. Compare Prices

Before buying anything try to compare the price of different brands. You might see a big difference in the same quality product but of a different brand. This way you will not have to compromise the quality and you will save some money too. Try to compare different grocery store prices too ( only if you have more than one store in your area ). These are some small steps that we neglect and these always put the burden on our pockets.

#5. Collect Coupons

You can look for the grocery coupons from here and there. Taking a loyalty program and discount coupons will lower the grocery expense by up to 50%. So always try to have some discount coupons before entering the grocery store. You will not only save money here but you can also buy some more stuff for yourself.

#6. Wholesale Clubs

Wholesale clubs are those where you spend more and save more. If you have a big family then go for these wholesale clubs. Remember you will need to spend more here only than you will save some extra pennies. These clubs are not for you if you are living alone. Some clubs also required an annual fee. But this fee is not more than $30. At the end of the year, you save more than $30 from your groceries. So it is a steal deal for the joint family.

#7. Prepare Shopping List

prepare shopping grocery list first

Prepare the grocery list before going to the mart. Add only necessary stuff to buy to that list and stick to it. Do not buy a single extra item beyond that. This way you will stock only necessary stuff and will save money too. You can also keep a small notepad in the kitchen and whenever you run out of some stuff just note it down on that. This way you will not forget anything and you can save more too.

#8. Avoid Packed Food

There are some things that you can avoid buying prepacked like fish, fruits, vegetables, etc always buy the whole fruit and cut it at home. All those cut and packed food are not fresh and also they cost you more than the unpacked food. Try to search for the open cereal and rice section this section will reduce your grocery bill by up to 10%. Also, avoid the cooked packed meal section. This food seems very easy to you ut the packing costs you double the homemade food. So avoid doing this. Only buy packed food when you are in hurry and do not have time for cooking.

#9. Know The Store Tricks

Grocery stores always place the expensive items on eye-level shelves. Because most people do not bother to look down. buy the truth is that the lower level selves had very reasonable price food items if the same quality. So do not buy with closed eyes always look up and down before finalizing any item.

#10. Use Credit Card

Use credit card while purchase grocery shop and save money

Pay with a credit card at the bill counter. Sometimes the store runs cashback schemes on specific credit cards. So check that before paying and select the paying method wisely. Some of the new credit cards give up to 40% off on the first few transactions. So you can use that in the grocery store and save some more money.

#11. Switch Grocery Store

Do not stick with one grocery store. Try different grocery stores around you. It is not necessary to buy all the items from one place. Try a new store every month. Because it is always on sale in one of the town stores so look for that. You will also explore more genuine brands and they might also lower your grocery expense.


In conclusion, saving money from groceries is easy. You can reduce your expense by up to 60% by applying these small rules. These are very small things that we ignore while shopping but these work very effectively. Precisely using these will help you. Preparing a shopping list in advance will also help you to neglect some unnecessary items before buying. So try to prepare the list  1 or 2 days before shopping. Buying things in bulk is only good for the big family, for one person it becomes an extra expense only. So buy in the required quantity only.

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