Ways to lock cells in Google sheets / Access control over editing

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Most of the time, we will find many errors and spelling mistakes in important documents and files . They will create new problems . So, we have to prevent these unnecessary edits and unexpected inserts . We should lock them with some securities in the google spreadsheets which prevents those edits .

We can also protect the important data in the sheets as unedited (means which can’t be neither removed nor edited ) . You should also learn about the permissions of the  sheets with various links which gives access to view and edit the sheet .

So, then we can give the files which can only be viewed to some people and some files which can be viewed and edited .

In case, if you want to protect only specific cells , then you can choose protecting specific cells only .

So, here we go with the steps below,

How to lock cells in Google sheets ? 

The below steps show how to protect cells in google sheets .

Step 1) : Open the sheet with important cells filled with data . Select the data which you want to lock protect from editing access .

Step 2) : Choose the option “ Data “  at the top of the screen ,then that gives set of options .

Step 3) : Select “ Protect sheets and ranges “ which gives a description box on the left side .

Step 4) : Write the description and click on the tab titled as “ Set Permissions “ .

Step 5) : Then ,it shows the Range editing permissions  displaying three options . Click on “ Restrict who can edit the range “  and then “ Only You “  or as per your requirements . Finally click on “ Done “ .

  • You can also choose custom and then you can add the emails of the people . Then , only those people can edit the documents and remaining public can read only .
  • You can also set a warning message showing that do not change or edit at certain keys like F5 , etc. .
  • We can also except some cells by ticking the option “ Except some cells “ and then we can insert the cells.

protect sheet and ranges excel sheet

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