Features of the best software development agency

Features of the best software development agency

When you, as a business owner, want to bring automation in the business process or want to give a stylish yet functionalities-enriched platform to the end users, you need the expertise of a software development agency. The experts involved in software development are fully conversant with the coding and designing tools. They know the ways to engage customers and create user experience much needed for building the base of loyal customers.

While searching for the best software development agency around, you must pay attention to these points. These can help in shopping for the software developers who can give the best results in the minimal time.

1.Focus on custom designs:

All businesses are unique in their personalities. The software developers should understand this clearly while designing the tool for the businesses. Some software’s are required as back end support while others connect the business directly to the customers. In case of the software working as platform between the people and business, custom software developers are needed. The custom designing helps in including the features that help customer relate better.

2.UI/UX expertise:

The present world belongs to the businesses offering ultimate user experience. The ease of use, compatibility with the operating systems, placement of call to actions at relevant places and the color scheme etc. form important parts of UX design. In addition to the looks, the functionalities have to be clear and crisp. UX means, in simpler terms, the design that delivers functions too. Customers prefer simple interfaces and want the designs that speak to them. This is what software development agencies ought to achieve.

3.Transfer of control:

The software development team should work towards giving more autonomy of use to the business owners. It is the owners and their customers who are going to use the software ultimately. So, if they are fully aware of how to use it, control it as well as maintain it, the dependence factor is largely reduced. It helps businesses run smoothly without facing many troubles and they need going to experts only for the crucial and extra sensitive issues.


The product of software development agency has to be robust enough to achieve a certain level of reliability. Software should be relevant for considerable time period. It should be more like an ad copy that works and is capable of becoming the brand’s voice. The users of software can experience ease and safety while using it. The attributes deliver the performance expected from the software and work exactly as intended.

5.Compliance to software development life cycle:

A software can work better when it conforms to the life-cycle of development. The main stages are planning, implementing, testing, documenting/reviewing, re-implementing and finally, maintenance. Each of these stages are crucial and cannot be given a miss. If the developers have planned properly, they find it easy to implement. If it is implemented correctly, it excels in testing part too. In testing, if any shortcomings or scope of improvement are found, one must apply the changes and test it again and again till the time the result is flawless. All changes when documented give lot of learning and also form the base for further development. The last stage is maintenance that is crucial for the overall working of the software. Thus, the adherence to life-cycle should not be a choice, but a work norm.

6.Knowledge of database management regulations:

Any soft platform, be it a website or a mobile application, generates lot of data as a result of business-customer interaction. The regulations pertaining to database management need to be followed. The knowledge about the concepts like big data, GDPR compliance, etc. is essential so that the business does not fall into any legal complication.

Best uses of software development agency

Any product that uses digital means of operation can be categorized as a software. While the machines are the perpetrators of action, the soft tools form the brain and thinking part of the machine. Thus, software products can be an application, a website, a mobile application and etc. The best uses of a software development agency lie in:

Application development:

Every website is available in the form of an application these days. The desire to be under the fingertips of the end users compels the businesses to have applications designed by the software developer. Since the developer are conversant with coding, their expertise is helpful in achieving robust web and mobile applications useful for accomplishing business goals.

Web design and development:

The software agencies can employ their expertise in web designing and development of business modules. With the help of efficient tools and knowledge of aesthetics, the software developers can contribute to web design and development and make a complete digital platform for the businesses.

Development of soft web extensions:

Enriching the existing web properties can also be a prerogative of the software developers. They can design chat bots, VR tools, commenting sections, and various other features to give a makeover to an existing website or application.

Most talked about software development agencies of the present times

Like every business, the software development agencies also need to have some unique selling point. Some thrive on big data knowledge, some choose responsive coding as the USP, and there are others who earn business by the knowledge of design and development tools such as UI, UX and robotics and so on.

On the basis of the experience, portfolio and the functionalities, listed here are the most talked about software agencies as appearing in the best reviewing sites:

Intellect Soft:

With an impressive clientele comprising of Jaguar, Universal Pictures, Harley Davidson, the company has rightfully earned the reputation of the ruler of the roost. It did fabulous work by integrating the web design that was the same both front end and back end. Also, the company had the caliber to integrate block chain technology of the client with their web designing expertise.

This company owing to its knowledge of IoT, Premier User Experience and VR, AR or mixed reality, decentralized design plan like block chain is the safe choice as a future-proof web and mobile application development company. It is spreading across the globe with its offices located in Easter Europe, the US and the UK, and some other countries.

Goji Labs:

Goji Labs is an LA based firm. It can be called three-men army because of the three developers who specialize in IoT, web design and mobile application development. The company came into the league of trusted ventures when they succeeded in developing a very user-friendly childcare management software for their client.

It is now having about 50 employees giving personal attention to every client that comes to them for the web development solutions.

Brainvire Infotech Inc:

The expertise in e-commerce store development makes the company most relevant in the present times. Its client list features a retail chain whose e-commerce outlet was the baby of the experts of this company.

ERP system translation, recoding of the applications and Magneto, Odoo development are some of the activities the experts of this company has mastered. With experience of more than 15 years, this company has helped many clients create their digital footprint.


It is a trusted software engineering consulting firm in business for more than 15 years. Expertise in Big Data, UI/UX design and development of visually enriched functional applications has fetched it the prestigious clientele including Fortune 500 companies, and the small family-run businesses as well.

Serving in the countries of Europe and the US, the company owes its strength to the well-trained and fully qualified team of professionals. With the team of about 1000 employees, the company has won awards like International Business Award, and a few others. Auto Desk, Aramex, ESET are some of the prestigious clients in their portfolio.

DePalma Studios:

This company has successfully completed the projects of the companies belonging to numerous industries such as retail, manufacturing, insurance, accounting and finance, telecommunications, utilities and others. It has given the support of edgier technologies to the companies of these sectors with the help of its team of about 15-50 employees.

Their most talked about project have been a system for the shipping company where they digitized the whole process of the organization giving varying level of command to the workers from different levels. Operating from Nashville, this company is a veteran-owned small business and has Deloitte, Schneider Electric, Unum and others as its previous clients.

Gecko Dynamics:

This company is into software development and web designing. With headquarters at Poland and Vancouver, the company has expanded its work base to about 11 more countries. The experts here are seasoned professionals of custom software development.

They are known for delivering visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces having added simplicity. Having delivered the projects for biggies like Air Canada, Nokia, Jonas Software and Cinepolis, this software development company is a five-star rated venture.


The entertainment giant like The Walt Disney Company, payment partner PayPal, and a few others are able to offer seamless experience to their end users owing to the software support provided by SYBERRY.

This company has developed a .NET project for a marketing agency making number-crunching, database management, and third party integration seamless for it. Expertise in .NET as back end support has enabled this company to deliver robust applications to its clients.

The company started in 2011 at Austin, Texas and expanded to other locations like New York, Warsaw, Minsk, Belarus and others. Their specialty is web and mobile app development and designing. They also provide support services to the clients.


This development agency seems to have mastered the web design and development while taking inputs from the digital marketing knowledge. It is a trusted name for e-commerce store developments and excel in Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce kind of scripts.

It is appreciated for the flexible approach and custom application development. The company excels in website conversion from PSD to HTML, e-commerce tools, and responsive coding. It started functioning in 2006 and has the support of 46 employees working in the offices of Melbourne, Krakow, Sausalito, etc.


The selling point of this company is JavaScript. It excels in Java based developments. The experts here employ JS technologies like Node JS, React, Electron and others. Their most popular project has been the building of desktop application development of a game launcher.

National Geographic, Medicover, Jackbox Games, Paradox Interactive are some of the prestigious companies for which they have developed various applications and tools in the past. This company is involved in mobile, web, desktop applications development projects and has delivered some of the most outstanding user interfaces in their track record.


The company is situated in Warsaw, Poland and caters to the US audiences too through its Atlanta office. It has been into operations since 2009 and offers services pertaining to software and web development. It has been a great support to the companies in their early stages and also is capable of scaling up the operations for established companies.

Its notable project includes speech recognition and language processing software development for an AI cloud computing company. The company was involved in the development of UI/UX design, in integration and deployment stage and also provided maintenance support.

It is one of the most successful projects with more than ten thousand users registered. Step Stone, Trust Stamp and a few others are the best companies these developers had associated with in the past.

How to select the software and web developer for a project

Looking at the companies profiles mentioned above, it is quite clear that the experience of 15 years and more is an asset to look for in a software developer company. This experience clubbed with the zeal to keep up with the present trends and technologies make any web development company the best technology partner to look forward to. Apart from the experience, here are certain important features to shop for:

One stop solution:

If the company offers complete package of coding, UI/UX design, AI and robotics, mixed reality, block chain integration, e-commerce tools, etc., it certainly is the best option for entrusting the projects.

Working knowledge of all development tools:

Whether it is jQuery, database management, HTML, PHP or e-commerce tools like Magento, Drupal, etc., the experts of the company must have working knowledge of all of these.

Flexible and scalable in services:

The requirements of every project and company are different. So, the experts must be flexible enough in their work style to accommodate different requirements and expectations.

Quality of clientele:

The portfolio tells all about the company’s credibility. If the software development services have been able to impress and earn the trust of the biggies of the various industries, it certainly is worth giving a try.

Support for start-ups:

The start-up companies do need the experts who understand the importance of UX/UI, of being different from others and also be able to adjust the requirements in the tight budget. With the help of custom web development support, the software developer must be able to offer the best deals to the start-ups.

Ability to understand variety of business niches:

Custom software development companies should have the understanding of various kinds of business niches. Their understanding of various kinds of business models and industry requirements can be a plus for the companies who look for the experts who can work independently and with minimal inputs. The ability to develop the software, websites or mobile applications as per the industry requirements is a good feature to search for in a web development company.

To conclude,

Software development companies with the features like user-friendliness, reliability and deliverability are certainly the strong support for the modern businesses. The knowledge of the tools, languages, scripts and of the business models helps the developers to provide work solutions that fit the requirements perfectly. In addition to the knowledge of core capabilities, keeping abreast with the latest technologies and tools is important too.

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