Steps for how to download from Scribd free

how to download from Scribd free

If you are searching for some research papers, political documents, historical research papers, and even any book of your interest, you will get it all here. You can view the articles free of cost, however, this site charge you for downloading the books. Though this is the limitation of the site, luckily you have an alternative.

What Scribd do?

Scribd is a platform that hosts your writings and publishes them online. You can even download from various published research work of many authors. Scribd morphed an online subscription for reading online books, articles, magazines, and so on.

Is it possible to download from Scribd for free?

The single word answer is yes. By default the application does not allows you to download anything for free. Though there is an option of  ‘one month free subscription’. but you need to add some payment details in order to use it. In that case for the second month you need to pay the subscription amount. So the only alternative way is give and take policy with the Scribd cloud. You can download one document if you upload one.

How to download from Scribd free?

Scribd allows you to get the monthly subscription without paying. You can upload a document to get one download free. Sometimes as a student you find it difficult to pay for the subscription. So, here is the alternative for how to download from Scribd without paying.

Free download from Scribd: Step by Step:-

Step 1: Download the Scribd application or go to the Scribd website.

Step 2: If you are already registered then click on Sign in. If you are a first time user then you need to register first. Enter your Name, Email, and an eight-digit password and click on the Sign on the button.

Scribd login

scribd signup page

Step 3: Now you will be redirected to the payment page. Where you will get a one-month free trial but you need to enter your payment credentials. So, skip the payment page and you will be on the home page o Scribd.

scribd homepage

Step 4: Select the document you need to download and open it. At the top of the page, you will get an upload button. It will show you an option to select a file you want to upload. Click on it and it will open the file explorer of your phone or PC.

Scribd select the document to download

Step 5: Now you need to create a document to be uploaded. You can even make a gibberish document but make sure that it contains more than two pages. It could be anything you have or you can make. The content of the document will not matter. Keep in mind that you cannot submit a blank file as it will not be accepted.

Scribd select the document to upload

Step 6: Then you can Go back to Scribd and select the file you have created.  In the description box write something about the file and click on the ‘Done’ button. Now, your file is successfully uploaded.

Fill and enter the title and description scribd

Step 7: Now go back where you have opened the required document to be downloaded and refresh the page. Now click on the download button. You can choose to download option text or pdf.

choose the download document text or PDF

Step 8: Now your document is downloaded and ready to read.

Following these steps, you can successfully download a Scribd document without paying for it. Hope this article on how to download from Scribd will help you to get the required document without paying.

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