How to copy text from protected website

How to copy text from protected website

We are living in an era of digital world where it is tough to protect your creations over the digital platform. There are peoples they copy your content without informing you. So in order to protect your content and value your effort, it is required to make your website feature protected.

Sometimes as a reader you need to copy a particular part to take it as a quote or to share the particular line to someone. So you have to take a creative approach in order to copy the text from a protected web page.

Is this possible to copy text from a protected website?

Don’t worry! There is nothing impossible to copy if it is visible online. If the traditional way is not allowing you to do so you need to find an alternative path for that. Mostly the website admins protect their websites from copying just by using java-script or some simple styling properties. In this article, we will explore all the alternative paths about how to copy text from protected website.

Follow any of the alternative ways, because each of these will work mostly for every protected site. If one of these not working on the web page you trying for, go with the alternative one.

Alternative 1: Disable the java-script

disable java script in browsers

The browsers have settings to deny the java-script to run over the browser. Denying the java-script will allow you to copy from the website. Once you are done with the coping don’t forget to allow the java-script to run.

Alternate 2: Copy from inspect element

copy from inspect element

If you are trying to copy a small part of the article then I’ll recommend you to go with this. If the web page supporting right clicks but not allowing you to select the text then you can copy it from the ‘inspect’ option. Simply select the text and right-click on the text and go to the ‘Inspect element’ option. There you can copy the text easily (Mostly coded in the format of ‘<p></p>’).

Alternate 3: Select from Source-code

select from source code

Most of the websites carry an HTML code by which the page is written. Here you have to right-click on anywhere of the page and go to the ‘View Source’ option. From the source code you can copy the text. This process requires some basic knowledge of HTML.

Alternative 4: Print website to PDF

For choosing the print to PDF option you need to install any software or the PDF-creator drive. Once you are using such kind of application you can easily save the web page as a PDF file.

These were some of the best alternatives of how to copy text from a protected website. Now you can easily copy whatever you want.


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