How to delete a blog on blogger

How to delete a blog on blogger

Blogger is a free platform from Google that allows you to create and post blogs on your own page. Here you will get a website like an environment to broadcast your blogs. But if you no longer interest in a blog you previously posted on Blogger, and want to permanently remove it, you can do that easily. If you don’t know how to delete a blog on blogger, this article will guide you how you can remove your existing blog from blogger. So if you convinced yourself to delete your blog from, follow the steps below-

How to delete a blog on blogger

There are two existing methods to erase your existing article on bloggers. Both of them are working. In the first method you can delete your entire blog and using the second you will be able to delete a specific post only. So choose the method you need.

Method-1: Remove the entire blog

Step-1:- Go to you may not be logged in previously then click the Sign-in button to enter your blog. By providing your username and password you will be able to enter your blog. Doing so you will be addressed to the most recent blog you accessed. NEW Log-in.

blogger page

Step-2:- If it is the blog you want to remove then okay otherwise, click on the down-arrow to see or select the other blogs.

other blog details

Step-3:- By clicking the down-arrow icon all of your blogs will reflect in a drop-down box. Select the blog you want to delete.

list of blogs

Step-4:- Select the settings button by scrolling down the menu list.

blog settings

Step-5:- Once you entered the settings, you have to go with the other option.

other option in settings

Step-6:- Here you will get an icon as ‘Delete Blog’ by scrolling down the page. If you want to save a copy of the blog then before deleting it save a copy of it by clicking Download blog.

delete blog option

Step-7:- Now you can click on the delete this blog option and your blog will be deleted.

Method-2: Delete a single post of your blog

Step-1:- Log in to your blogger account using your username and password.

blog homepage

Step-2:- Click the down-arrow to see your all blogs and select the blog you want to delete a post from it.

blog details

Step-3:- Now select the post from the blog details you want to delete.

select the desired blog to delete

Step-4:- There will be three options to make the changes on your blog. As Edit, Preview, and Delete. Select the delete option to delete your blog.

list of edit delete view options

Step-5:- Now a confirmation popup will appear to ask you for the confirmation if you really want to delete the post. Click ok to delete the blog.

delete blog confirmation box

NOTE:- In order to delete a blog on blogger there are few things you have to know. Firstly, for deleting a post or the entire blog you have to be an owner or the admin of the blog. Sometimes for finding a post you may have to scroll down and find your old blogs. If you delete a blog and changed your mind you can revive your blog from the deleted blog list.


I think your doubt about how to delete a blog on blogger is now cleared. Now you can remove a blog or the post you are not interested to broadcast. If you delete a blog from blogger it takes 90 days to completely remove it from’s cloud. Within these 90 days, if somehow you change your mind you can easily restore your blog by finding it from the deleted items.

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