Best Web Hosting l A2 Hosting Review _ Merits & Demerits

Best Web Hosting l A2 Hosting Review | Merits & Demerits

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Everything on the internet is evolving in the blink of an eye. Websites are the basic things like humans on the earth. Website which is with a good/experienced hosting ,attractive design, load speed and content will rank-up quickly to the top. So, choosing the best web hosting is always important. So, here we go with one of the best one web hosting service A2 Hosting.

Introduction: What is A2 Hosting?

As a matter of fact, A2 hosting is the one of web hosting company founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001. Basically, this company came up with the unique abilities like fastest web server and highly powered web hosting. This is handy and definitely increases the loading speed of web pages.

8 Fair Advantages of A2 Hosting

1) Faster Web Servers. On Average 250-350ms

If you are facing a problems with the speed of the servers, you have to choose this. A2 Hosting gave the fastest servers which tops and overtakes all others. This is really a great part of A2 hosting and played the role of base part of the company’s development.

2) Affable and Amenable Customer Service (24/7 Guru)

The Guru Crew team was also a great part of A2 hosting. They covered almost all topics in their articles to answer all FAQs even the representatives are always active to respond quickly.There are always quick to respond. Developers are also creative and affable. They also guarantees the money back if you aren’t feeling good about their work. And it’s anytime guarantee. So, this is the best option for one time hosting and handling ourselves thereafter.

3) No End for Disk Space/ Storage

It provides unlimited storage for hosting and it’s common with many other hosting services.

4) Limitless Bandwidth

Even the bandwidth is also unlimited in this A2 Hosting. So, there will be no limit for the data to transfer from computer to the website in accordingly with your package.

5) You Can Create more than 20 Email Accounts with this

20+ Server Email Accounts makes your communication with users will be an easy task. And it’s always a secure way to share anything.

6) Quick WordPress Optimized Server

WordPress Optimized Servers aren’t complicated anymore. This makes easy to use and understand. And this is with new techniques and tools. This creates the idea of developing the site and make it perform better than before.

7) Cache Used is Lite Speed

The Lite Speed tools are powerful management tools. It makes more page requests within a second. Cache tools should be the best to acquire better performance.

8) Easy Access to useful Plugins

 You don’t require a developer to get assisted about the plug-ins. You can get them simple and there are easy to use. For example : CMS, Developer friendly tools etc.

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