Recommended Sodium Intake By Age {Guide}

recommended sodium intake by age

Here is the recommended sodium intake level description according to age. High sodium levels can lead to hypertension and other serious problems in the body. Hence it is necessary to consume salt according to age. Read the full article to know more about sodium intake level description.

What is the recommended sodium intake according to age?

These days the nutrition information of what you eat today is essential. Because our bodies become more sensitive with time. So, everyone has to control their daily intake of nutrients and all. Because not all bodies have the same tendency to digest prepared foods with high concentrations of nutrients. Most problems that people face are due to the high sodium diet. Sodium is the cause of many serious health problems. Hence we need to control sodium intake for the sake of our health.

Here is a brief description of recommended sodium intake by age. Try not to exceed these quantities. Because adding salt in a specific amount to your diet is unnecessary these days.

High salt-containing food

High salt-containing food

Some processed foods are very high in sodium chloride levels. Although the salt content is mentioned on the nutrition facts label. But most people do not understand that up to the level of salt intake is good for them. So, they consume that food without knowing the right amount of salt for them. Here is a list of some foods that are very high in sodium levels.

  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Pickles
  • Prawns
  • Soya sauce
  • Yeast extract
  • Chips
  • Ham
  • Olives

This food is used on an almost everyday basis. And they can increase your daily salt intake unnecessarily. Hence it is time to understand the recommended sodium intake by age. Because the problem is getting worse and worse with the excess salt intake.

Problems associated with high salt consumption

The disease control and prevention board have decided on the salt intake value based on age. It is because of the harmful effect of salt on the body. Our changing lifestyle has a big impact on this. We have become lazier in the past few years so salt starts to do all sorts of harm to the human body. The most harmful, disease-associated with high sodium levels is high blood pressure. You may think that it is a simple disease but it can lead to many complications like a heart attack. You can not perform any surgical procedure on a hypertension patient. So, blood pressure is a serious and common problem these days that is happening due to salt intake. If a woman is pregnant then the high sodium level in her body can affect the baby like mental retardation and less growth rate and all.

Sodium intake according to age

Sodium intake according to age

Here is the proper detail of sodium intake according to the different age groups. 1500 mg is the highest quantity that a person can take. Remember all the below-mentioned quantities are based on per day. Hence this quantity is the per day sodium intake quantity of a person.

  • A child of age 1 to 3 can take up to 2g of salt in a day.
  • For 4 to 6 year children, 3g is enough.
  • A child of 7 to 10 years is not allowed to eat more than 5g of salt per day.
  • Above 11 years the salt intake is 6g.

All these values are fixed by the health control and prevention CDC board. So try not to exceed these values.

How to lower the salt intake?

If you want to lower your salt intake then you have to monitor your salt intake first. Try to calculate your daily salt intake. If you’re consuming processed food then all the values are mentioned on the packet. So, you can easily calculate the value. But if you’re cooking your food then you have to measure the salt value on your own. Of course, there is no doubt that eating home-cooked food is always going to be the most suitable option for any kind of situation. Because all these processed foods have a high level of sodium.

Even if you go out to eat they add more salt to the food just to make it more appetizing and all. So just by stopping eating junk and processed food you will reduce your salt intake by up to 50%/ try to drink more water to remove the salt inside your body. If you sweat during exercise then 50% of the body’s stored salt can be removed this way.


In conclusion, here is the recommended salt intake according to the different kinds of age groups so far. This data is collected after years of research. So try to take it seriously and try to reduce your salt intake according to your age.

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