How Many Points Does Verstappen Need To Win?

How Many Points Does Verstappen Need To Win

In order for Verstappen to win the race, how many points does he need? Here are all the odds of Verstappen winning and losing the Verstappen. So, if you’re following Verstappen, it must read to know his current position. he has to maintain a position before the 5th rank. To know more read the full article.

How many points does Verstappen need to win?

Max Verstappen is in the best position right now to win the world championship. His opponent Charles Leclerc is a good player too. But he is very far from the point that max Verstappen has. So the winner will be Verstappen only. Leclerc and Perez were on the second and third palaces respectively. This race is almost one-sided because of the winning point difference. So here is the description of how many points Verstappen needs to win.

What was the point difference in the winning game?

The world title gained by Verstappen was seen very easily here because the point difference was quite noticeable. The first player was 341 points ahead of the rest two. The second position secured had 106 points and the third placid had 104 points. So, there was quite the competition between the second and the third place. Verstappen winning was manifested by many people. He was in his best form at this time. So it was very important for the other player to know the competition.

Points needed by Verstappen to clinch the title

Verstappen needs a total of 112 points to get the time world champion. He tries his best to cover the points from the last four races to get this title. He covered that within the time and he get his desired times. However, if we talk about the total remaining races then he needs a total of 138 points. So, it was only till the Japanese championship that he need s a total of 112 points.

Odds of not winning the championship  by Verstappen

If the other two competitions of Verstappen cover the point difference before the Singapore race then there are chances that Verstappen does not win the championship. Nut the chances to happen this star very low. Because there are not enough races for those two to cover the point difference. So they have to cover this point in a very short period and which is almost impossible. So the chances of the Verstappen winning the race increase. Hence the win of Verstappen is almost fixed.

What if Verstappen does not win the race?

Even if Verstappen does not win the Singapore race. Still, there are chances that Verstappen win the chances. Here is the list of how he can win the race by finishing in different positions. If Verstappen finishes the race in the top five positions then his conditions will be good. And he will be able to secure the position. But a position higher than 5 make him lose the race. So even after having the high points, he has to try his best to be on the top list.

If Verstappen does not finish in first place the total point difference between him and his competitors will decrease. So he has to secure a position where there will be not much point difference. So this ace will not go to be easy for him. And he has to work hard to win the race. Because one mistake can take the title from him.

Can the opponents of Verstappen beat him?

Both the Verstappen opponents have the most experience in racing. They have played many important races and hence they have the ability to beta Verstappen. But from the past few races, their performances were not up to the point. But this is a game of uncertainties. So you never know what will happen in the next moment. So they can beat him if they cover the point difference before Verstappen. For this, they have to acquire the first position in the next race.


In conclusion, here are all the possible ways in which the Verstappen wins or loses the world racing championship. The chances of him winning the race are high if he keeps his performance constant. But a slight change in his performance can lead him to the second or third stage because his competition is very high.

If you are following Verstappen closely then you should read this. Bu reading this you will see his odds of winning the race. because it is always good to calculator before going for a race. Hope you will find this helpful.

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