How to Open HAT File | 3 Easy Ways

How to Open HAT File | 3 Easy Ways

What is a HAT File?

HAT file is an image file, as the file name says HAT file is meant to be used as Hat in Duck Game, which is a 2D multiplayer battle game. It is a PNG image, that will be appearing at the top of the duck’s head when you open it. These files are often created by players themselves, they create any custom file and share the file online.

To open a HAT file a user requires a special program, which is installed on your computer, the HAT file will open with a double-tap.

Here 3 Easy Ways to Open the HAT File

In order to open the HAT file, there should be any of the following programs installed on your computer –

  • Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat File
  • HAT Model
  • Download any Universal File Viewer

#1. Install Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat File or HAT Model

By installing the Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat File or HAT Model you can double click the file and it will be opened automatically.

 #2. Use the Online HAT File Viewer

You can also open the HAT file with a single click on it, and then go to Open With, and there select Notepad if you have windows, and Textedit or any other Notepad equivalent in MAC.

You can also view HAT Files from any Online HAT File viewer, like –

Just tap on Select HAT files.

#3. Use Any Universal File Viewer

With the help of a universal file viewer, you can view any kind of file, without installing the program.

Here are some of the universal file viewers to open HAT files

Install any of the software, and select the HAT file.

You can tap on Open With by single tapping on file, and then from the list select any of the Universal Viewers.

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To Learn Yourself For How to Convert HAT File?

One of the easiest methods to open the HAT file is to convert it and then open it. Because it doesn’t require you to download any program, you can convert it and view it directly.

Here’s how to convert the HAT file – 

  • First of all, you can go to or any Online HAT File Converter
  • Then, Choose in which file format you want to convert
  • Choose your file and upload it there
  • Download the converted file

That’s it for this blog, we hope you find it relevant, thanks for reading!

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