How To Become A Hacker: What No One Is Talking About

How To Become A Hacker: What No One Is Talking About

In this article, We’ll discuss some detailed information about how to become a hacker. Hacking sounds very interesting doesn’t it, But the profession has been misunderstood very much among general people. When we hear hacker, A teenager with a hoodie scrolling green line comes to our mind. But that’s not an accurate portrayal of a hacker.

Do you know many people don’t even call themselves hackers, And prefer to be called Cyber Security experts? But in a nutshell, Their work does revolve around hacking. So let’s start this article, And I’ll give you a basic introduction to hacking and will help you to become a hacker.

Types of Hacker

Types of hackers : black hat vs white hat

So as I said hackers just don’t call themselves hackers, They have different job titles. These include Cyber Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, and many such other titles. But if we have to put hacking into two umbrella terms, We can do so as follows.

White Hat Hacker:

These are people who work legally And are protected from the law. White Hat Hacker hacks systems with permission to check for vulnerability.

Black Hat Hacker:

These are the shady dudes that you have been seeing in the movies. Probably they are not wearing hoodies, But sure they are doing some bad things. Black Hat Hackers operate anonymously and earn their way through illegal hacking.


  • Can work remotely
  • Good money from the job
  • Relax environment and workload
  • Feeling of empowerment


  • Getting stuck with a lawsuit for hacking even after a contract
  • Too much learning, And continues reading
  • Needs certifications to land a job

Opportunities in Cyber World

Opportunities in Cyber World

Before we start the article, I would like to share some more details about hacking and cyber security in general. Israel is the powerhouse of the world And has been ranking on different parameters as the top nation for cyber-security. Following the path USA, Russia, China are next in line. Cyber Security is going to bring in billions of dollars in revenue, Countries even small ones like UAE are investing a great deal in their digital infrastructure. The fourth generational warfare would be heavily dependent on good hackers, And their demand would surge dramatically in the coming decades.

Things You Should Know About How To Become A Hacker?

Where to Start

So I would assume you had zero understanding of any computer programming, Not just that you have never even operated excel on a computer. This means We’ll start from the Scratch.

1) Basics

Learn Linux basics and other hardware things

Learn Linux:

If you ever wanted to even get close to becoming a hacker. Get good with Linux, and it’s a different version. You don’t have to become a pro at first, But at least have enough understanding to move around in the OS. A quick YouTube search can fetch you great tutorials that you can take help and improve your command of the Linux OS.


Hacking doesn’t always happen from behind the screen. Sometimes you may even have to get your hand dirty in the real world. For that reason, You should have a good understanding of embedded systems, storage devices, anonymous WiFi receivers, and other cool gadgets.

2) Choosing a Programming Language

Choosing the programming languages

Once, You have some idea of Linux and have the necessary hardware set. It’s time to directly dive into the real stuff. At this stage, You can either take a crash course in computer science. That is available for free on you tube, Or you can jump to programming. Python, Java, and C++ are the hacker favorites. You can choose any one of them for your journey. Again plenty of free tutorials available for learning these languages.

3) Problem Solving

Problem solving skills

If you are a hacker, You need to know problem-solving. And this includes your creative intelligence, and as well as your mathematical ability. A remark, Maths is optional in hacking, But if you are good with it the scope in hacking is infinite. You must have a good understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, and Discrete Math. If you become good at those than you my friend are a problem solver.

4) Use Third-Party Software

Use third party software for hacking

Nobody expects you to start creating your own software for hacking. Generally, When you start out and even after you have years of experience. You have to rely on third-party software for many hacking actions. These include DDOS attacks, SQL injection, and other types of attacks. Here are some of the software that you’ll use on a daily basis: Netsparker, Acunetix, Trace-route NG, Air crack. Different software has unique features some are good with hacking websites others good with WiFi hacking. You have to choose software for your type of operation.

5) Create Your Own Scripts and Software

Create your own scripts and software

Once you have established yourself in the game, Now you can play big by creating your own scripts and software.  Scripts are not full-fledged software but they are a set of instructions packed in a code, And the code could be malicious and very dangerous, or It can be useful and legal. Whereas software is a tool that can be used for many purposes and can be run for different computers. If I have to summarize a script generally has only one task, For example, A script that can change your system time to 12 am. But in software, you have to ability to add different features and make them change through different devices.

6) Join The Community

Join the hackers community and forums

‘Now, Once you have acquired a good amount of skills to call yourself a hacker. Join a community, And be updated on different trends in the industry. You can meet different like-minded people like you that can help you with your journey. You can ask them questions and share you concerns with them. You can join many websites like Hackerone, Red Hat Hacker, etc. Don’t join hackers’ groups on Facebook or any other social media platform. It is very amateurish to join a group that is not anonymous. Even if you are indulging in legal hacking still you must hide your identity completely, This doesn’t mean that you have to delete all your social accounts. I just mean don’t post random posts of SQL injection leak code in the same platform in which your grandmother shares happy holidays images.

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