How To Be A Jocket Agent {Help Guide}

How To Be A Jocket Agent {Help Guide}

Jocket agent is not an easy job. A Jocket agent has to deal with a lot of people and maintain the relationship among the riders and the trainers. Here is the guide for how to be a jocket agent. 

Career as a jocket agent

Jocket agent is among the crucial jobs of horse racing. Jocket agents have a lot to do in a race. Hence his role is vital. Their presence matters to maintain a healthy relationship with trainers, bidders, and horse owners. Without jocket agents, a horse race can not be completed. They have a lot of politics to handle. Without them, the horse racing relationship cannot maintain. They need to upgrade their information every day.

Here is the guide on how to be a jocket agent. Make sure you stick to the very end for all the information.

Duties of a jocket agent

There are many responsibilities that they need to perform. Almost every jockey is represented by one agent. There can be more than one jockey represented by the same agent at the same time. Here is the list of some common important responsibilities that a jocket agent performs.

#1. Notifies riders of the next race and tells them all the racing schedule with proper information about their opponents.

#2. Prepare the horse to ride and also tell the horse owner about the race.

#3. Maintain a healthy relationship with the trainers of all the horses. And find them a perfect rider.

#4. They also find the riders of contracted engagements for a certain number of races.

#5. Keeping all the data for money that bided on the race. And make sure that all the amount is evenly divided between the rider and the trainer.

These are the things that a jocket agent does. Also, every rider and trainer has different demands. as a jocket agent has to fulfill all the demands from both sides to make a relationship between a rider and the trainer.

To learn how to be a jocket agent?

Honestly, there is no such qualification needed for that job. And the salary of this job varies too. The salary depends on many factors that will discuss later. There are certain things that you should have to be a jocket agent.

#1. You have to be a good communicator. Communication matters in this field. So, you should be able to communicate really for both sides. There is no place for shyness and all here.

#2. Know the art of balancing. The relationship between a trainer and the rider has to be maintained. Otherwise, it will affect the race and the winning consistency of the racer can be reduced. So, you should know the tricks and tips to maintain the relationship of a racer and all.

#3. You will have to make quick decisions here. Hence your decision-making power should be very quick. Because one decision can change the whole race. You can either win or lose by selecting the right rider for the right horse.

#4. Multiple working is a thing here. So some agents handle more than one rider and trainer at once. So this is something that you will learn with experience.

The salary depends upon your winning rate in the game. The jocket rider gets some percentage for the winning money too. Hence all you need to do is manage your winning record.

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