How to duplicate a page in Squarespace

Learning How To Duplicate A Page In Squarespace

Sometimes, we think that editing a page is simple than making a new page when we don’t have enough time or when it is required urgent in Squarespace.

And it is smart to work to do as the above as it reduces your golden time as well as makes your work easier.

So, the question is…

Things You Know About How to duplicate a page in Squarespace Effectively?

It’s effortless but you can’t find it easily on the web.

Many methods that are prevailing on the internet may not work all the time.

So, now I will provide some of the methods to make it duplicate page in square space very quickly.

1) Duplicating Layout Pages in Square space

  • Select the page on your home screen of the Squarespace.
  • First, you can choose the page in which you want to duplicate and after simply press on the “settings” button here.
  • Hereafter Go down on this page and you can see the option titled “Duplicate Page” here. so that clicks on it.
  • Yeah, probably it may ask you to confirm the selection of the Duplicate page.
  • Click on confirm without abjection.
  • Then it automatically goes a copy of the page which you want to duplicate and which is editable now.
  • Now, you can be done save changes in it and after it can be exportable to your destination wherever you want.
  • You can especially replace the layout of the page with whatever the layout you want..

2) Duplicating Cover Page in Squarespace

  • At first, You can select the appropriate page on your home screen of the Squarespace.
  • After that choose for your desired page you like to change the cover and then tap on the “settings” option here.
  • Next, you can Scroll down and find out the option named as “Duplicate Page” and select on it.
  • Moreover, you will see the confirmation screen shows here and after you can proceed that confirmation button.
  • Then it will go directly for a copy of the page in which you want to make duplicate and which is customized/editable now.
  • Afterall changes you finished then you can able to export to your desired/specified location if you needed.
  • You can find the duplicate page in the Pages panel which isn’t linked.
  • As a matter of fact, the title of the duplicated page will not be changed even.
  • Now, you can able to change the cover with a new one or some of other various covers with it.

3) Duplicating a Blog post in Squarespace

  • We can also duplicate a blog post in the Squarespace which is pretty easier with the following steps
  • Go to the Home of your Squarespace and choose pages to continue.
  • Then, you can select your suitable blog page option here.
  • Now, you can see the blog pages and select the blog page which you want to edit or duplicate.
  • Moreover, you can choose the option of “Edit” which gives you the slide down options containing “Duplicate” too.
  • Click on the “ Duplicate” and then it browses to the new copy of the page which editable and exportable to the other sources.

4) Duplicating a Product in Squarespace

  • Go the home of your Squarespace and choose the pages.
  • Click on the products page which shows all your products.
  • To duplicate the products page, double click on the product which you want to make a copy of it.
  • You can notice the option “Duplicate” at the end of the options of the products editor.
  • That gives you a new product page with the title “copy of *title*”.

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