Which software can provide watermark images free feature?

software provide watermark images free feature

Images form an important part of the content of any website. People use various images from other sources and also make their own collections. But, protecting the images from misuse or from using others without giving you the due credit poses a big challenge. Watermark images free is a tool that can help you find a solution to this problem. By watermarking the images, one can ensure the credit for it. Also, the image can become more useful for branding purposes. Means, one can use the brand logo as a watermark and create more visibility for the business with the help of online images.

Software for watermarking the images

There are watermark images of free software available for the users. This software comes with certain features that help in watermarking the images fast and accurately.


1) Watermarkly

One of the best software available for watermarking images for free is Watermarkly.

The software Watermarkly is provided with several user-friendly features that make the task of watermarking the photos fast and easy.

When put to use, Watermarkly automatically picks the photos from the origins like My Computer, Google Drive or any other cloud application and allows you to watermark them in batches.

Some of the other interesting features of watermarkly are:

  • Watermark photos in a customized manner with text and brand logo
  • Watermark in batches
  • Resize watermarked photos to suit the target locations and others.
  • Watermarkly automatically scales up or down the watermarks as per the orientation of the picture.

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Advantages of using software for Watermarking images

Watermarking images need not be a time and resource-consuming task. This is the premise on which the watermarking software is made.

The software for watermarking helps in the following ways:-

  1. Provides suitable watermarks for transparent background
  2. Add custom watermarks to image using the logo or relevant text
  3. Allows batch watermark of images in bulk for faster results
  4. Instant watermarking even in case of poor internet connection
  5. Click and go facility the moment watermark option is selected, this saves a lot of time
  6. Immediate watermark of photos which can be thousands in numbers
  7. Custom sizing the watermark according to the size of the photos
  8. Applicable for both the desktops and Macs.

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Some of the convenient aspects of using watermark software

Watermark image free software offers a lot of conveniences. It is a web-based software, and so, it does not require any change in settings of the computer system. The software needs no installations to make. It simply works online and offers amazing speed and accuracy.

Whether it is making the logo translucent or allowing to add text to it, or adding custom text watermark or logo to the image, the watermark software works in a variety of combinations.

A word of advice while using watermark image software

Do a little bit of research before using the software. It should not store and backup your images on the server in any place. It should also no grant access to image to any worker from the company.  So, look for these assurances before using watermark images software.

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