Understand How To Create A Virtual Tour For Free Before You Regret

How To Create A Virtual Tour For Free

As a matter of fact, Virtual tours are great for creating an interactive experience. In other words, A Virtual tour is an explanation tour of a place that portrays everything clearly about the place. Notably, it may contain photos including 360°,2D, 3D, HD, and GIFs etc…360° photos are the best and very helpful photos in virtual tours. On the other hand, it also may contain audios, texts, and music. In fact, It’s an explaining collection of multi-media of a place or a location.

So now, here is the question of raising

How to create a virtual tour for free?

Method 1: List of Free Virtual tour creation websites

Important to realize there are some websites that are providing free creation of VR tours online and also they are available for subscription and for cash.

Some of the websites are particularly listed below::

1) www.paneek.net

This provides you the best easier creating of VR tours in less time without any programming.

2) www.lapentor.com

This is also the same type of website which provides both free and subscriptions for creating Virtual Tours

3) www.makevt.com

4) www.roundme.com are some of them.

Method 2:: Sign Up and create Virtual Tour 

Take the 3rd website Www.makevt.com to proceed by signing up on the site and create the virtual tour.

1) At first, Go to the website and click on the option titled try for free.

2) Then Sign up to the website by entering the username, password, and email.

3) After verifying email, login to your newly created account.

4) You can see the label named create the new tour of left.

5) Then click on it to continue.

6) Next, You will see the page asking you to choose the name for your tour.

7) After that Edit the text in the box and type the name of your tour whatever you want..

8) Next, upload your photos which are panoramas, 360° photos, etc..

9) The maximum photos you can upload are 25. So, choose the best and upload them.

Wait until they upload completely and once check by opening it.

10) Now, go to the bottom of the screen then you can see hotspot editor.

11) Click on it to edit and arrange your photos as however you want on the tour.

12) Then choose the panorama of the first screen which makes it open in the middle of the screen.

13) Now, you need to create a link to add a transition.

14) Click on the plus symbol and choose the panorama and then click the tick mark.

15) Go to the next screen by clicking on the arrow at the bottom and select the type of hotspot

16) Now, select the transition option in the dropping menu.

17) Hereafter you can choose the next scene’s panorama in the selection of destination panorama.

18) Now, finally, go to the bottom and hit the save option.

19) Moreover, Do the same process for the scenes remaining.

The created tour can be shared by copying the link provided on that website in your account.

Obviously you can share that link to wherever you want.. The tour created is also exportable to any media storing sites….

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