Is Tresemme good for your hair? (Explained)

Is Tresemme good for your hair? (Explained)

Is Tresemme hair products good for your hair care?

There are both pros and cons to Tresemme. The product gives you smooth and shiny hair, as well as prevents your hair from falling out. This brand offers products for various hair types and provides a salon-like after-effect. Additionally, it is a low-cost solution and is widely accepted by professionals and hairstylists due to its low cost and wide acceptance.

There are, however, certain chemicals in Tresemme products that are harmful, such as DMDM hydantoin, Lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, and parabens.

Tresemme Overview

As a matter of fact, Tresemme is an American brand, that creates hair care and able to styling products for different types of hair. “Salon-like beauty” is what they market as being different. They promise their customers to get the impression of receiving “after-salon treatment” after using their products. Its price is affordable, and it also helps to reduce hair fall.

This is the reason that their consumers like Tresemme shampoos and conditioners. Every human invention has its own pros and cons. The same holds true for this shampoo. Although it is able to reduce hair loss and is beneficial for frizzy, damaged, and brittle hair, its disadvantage is using chemical hair products.

 Let me explain in greater detail to clear up any confusion or doubts.

Does Tresemme include chemicals in hair-care products?

Does Tresemme include chemicals in hair-care products

Tresemme offers products for a range of hair types, including frizzy, coloured, damaged, and fine hair. The ingredients in the products are expertly designed and suggested by professionals. Even though some people largely reject some of its items.

Let’s go through them in more depth.

1) Some people claim that Tresemme uses DMDM hydantoin, which causes hair fall and irritation, as well as being cancerogenic. But what exactly is DMDM hydantoin? What use do they have in shampoo? Therefore, DMDM hydantoin is a type of preservative, or, should we say, chemical, that aids in maintaining the safety of beauty products and inhibits the growth of any type of bacteria, fungus, or yeast.

2) These preservatives emit formaldehyde, which is harmful to human health if inhaled in excess. For those who are sensitive to formaldehyde, it may result in allergic contact dermatitis or allergic contact eczema. It can cause cancer if used over a long period of time.

3) The formaldehyde generated by shampoos may cause cancer; However, this has not been proven, because formaldehyde is only used in very small amounts and does not remain on the skin. The majority of shampoos have formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. However, formaldehyde-containing products must be avoided by those with sensitive skin or allergies. You can find it at the last item in the bottle’s ingredient list.

Why are preservatives used in shampoos if they are bad for health?

The truth is, formaldehyde is not directly added to shampoos. Some preservatives used in shampoos release it. According to the producers, they are safe and used in small amounts that have no effect on human health, and scientists in the hair care industry also authorise it. It extends the life of shampoo; otherwise, it would not last more than two weeks. It is very difficult to discover natural goods containing formaldehyde. According to research, formaldehyde is found in vegetables, pears, beef, apples, coffee, and so on. However, the concentration in certain foods and shampoos is low enough to be regarded as safe even though people who are allergic to formaldehyde should avoid using formaldehyde-free shampoos.

What are the other ingredients in Tresemme?

Additionally, Tresemme includes components that might be harmful, including SLS, Laureth Sulfates, and paraben. Its excessive use can irritate the scalp and deplete your hair and scalp of natural moisture oils. Tresemme claims they use it in small amounts, and it’s safe for human health.

Traditional soaps are not in use because they have the less lathering capability. Hence, shampoo came into being because it has cleansing ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Laureth sulphates, triethanolamine Laureth sulphates, and ammonium laureth sulphates to create rich foam and can do a deeper cleaning. It creates foam when it comes in contact with water, making it simple to rinse your hair. They are nothing but detergents that remove oil and dirt from hair.

Of course, When it comes to hair care, there are two types of sulfates that are used: sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate. The term “sulfate” implies “salt.” It also has side effects if the dosage is high. This can rob your hair and scalp of moisture and natural oils, so your hair becomes dry.

What do you do if you have sulfates in your shampoo?

As recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is best to use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates in order to protect the skin. Because sulfate-containing shampoos can be harmful to people with eczema or contact dermatitis, sulfate-free shampoos help maintain natural moisture, shine, and softness. It also helps control scalp inflammation and is gentle on your eyes.

Is Tresemme good for your hair or not?

Is Tresemme good for your hair or not

As mentioned before, like any other thing, Tresemme has its pros and cons. It gives you smooth and shiny hair, as well as prevents hair fall. This brand offers products for various hair types and provides a salon-like after-effect. Not to mention its low cost and widespread acceptance among professionals and hairstylists.

At the same time, Tresemme’s chemicals, such as DMDM hydantoin, Lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, and parabens, are harmful to your health. It’s better to avoid it for people who have sensitive skin or allergies. Always check the ingredient list and the amounts used in the shampoo bottles to avoid future health problems. So you can watch out next time before you use any Tresemme products to determine whether they’re suitable for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tresemme

Is Tresemme sulfate-free?

No, TRESemme is not sulfate-free. They do use sulfate in small amounts, and it’s safe to use. Lauryl sulfate and laureth sulfate are the two sulfates Tresemme uses in its products.

Is Tresemme shampoo good for hair fall?

Tresemme is considered to be good for reducing hair fall, and many consumers like it for that reason. It also prevents hair from being frizzy and damaged by making it smooth and shiny. Tresemme shampoo, along with Tresemme conditioner, goes well for hair and helps it grow.

Is Tresemme shampoo good for daily use?

Tresemme is not good for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to formaldehyde or sulfates. But for others, it’s better to wash every other day. Otherwise, your hair will lose its natural moisture.

Is shampoo suitable for daily hair washing?

Regular cleaning of hair is totally based on one choice and length of hair. But it doesn’t have to be with shampoo. In order to maintain the health of your hair, it is convenient to either wash it with water or use conditioner to thoroughly rinse it. Frequently using shampoo can remove natural oil and make your scalp dry. Chemical-based shampoos are not good for your own health.

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