How to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils?

How to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils

I am going to tell you how we can get rid of stink bugs with essential oils in this article. When it comes to repelling stink bugs, essential oils are one of the most effective methods. In this article, I’ll tell you how to use essential oils as bug repellents, and all the tricks you need to know. Other methods to repel stink bugs are mentioned below.

Tricks to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils

Have you smelled a strong scent with a foul smell lately in your house? Well, it’s nothing to be worried about. They are just the brown marmorated stink bug. These bugs mainly live in the garden area but they can enter your house through windows and doors. When these bugs come under pressure a very bad smell comes out from these bugs. There is a certain fluid in these bugs that have this foul smell.

Here are some effective methods for how to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils. Make sure that you follow all these to completely get rid of them.

Safety threats to humans from stink bugs

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Stink bugs are very small and they can enter your house through any small entry points. If you have a farm nearby or you have a fruit tree then they can shelter in your home. You may not notice them until you smell the foul odor in some corner of your house. However, these small bugs are no threat to human beings. There are no adverse health effects noticed due to these bugs. But it is important to prevent stink bugs from entering your house.

What can help to get rid of stink bugs?

Essential oils are the best treatment for your stink bugs. Essential oil is used by old people to get rid of these bugs. But the essential oil is still effective. So if you want to get rid of stink bugs from your house then use essential oil first. If the essential oils do not work then look for other methods. All the possible methods and how to use essential oil are mentioned below.

Which essential oil is best for stink bugs?

Here is a list of some best essential oils that you can use. All these are easily available and they are the most effective of all.

All these oils are not 100% effective to get rid of stink bugs. But they can repel 80% of the stink bugs. You can either use them separately or you can also combine them. If you combine them then it will all type of stink bugs. So try to mix the same amount of all these oils in a spray bottle. There is no better way to use these essential oils as bug repellents than to use them this way.

Use of chemical bug repellent

In order to get rid of stink bugs, you can use a chemical spray in your house. You have to spray the bug repellent in your house and then leave the house for a few hours. All the bugs will vanish from your house. But seeing the safety concern associated with the bug repellent it is good if you will avoid that. Because even after some hours there are still many bad health effects of that bug repellent. If you come in contact with these bug-repellent sprays then you can face these problems:

  • Irritation in eyes
  • Redness in eyes
  • Skin allergy
  • Breathing problem
  • Hair loss

These are some of the common symptoms that one can observe after coming in contact with bug repellent. It is important to note, however, that these symptoms will disappear over time.

Use house safeguard

Another effective method to get rid of the skin in properly is to use the house safeguard. You can use this safeguard at your house. Try to close all the windows properly. If you have a garden then use pesticides from time to time to avoid breeding of the stink bugs. Make sure that all the windows are closed and all the house corners are properly cleaned. Use essential oils as soon as you observe some stink bugs in your house.


In conclusion, stink bugs are not a threat to human beings. But they spread a bad odor. An unbearable odor. So no one wants them in their house. They can enter your house if you have any pants inside your house or if you have a farm near you. Here are all the tricks for how to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils.

You can use these tricks to prevent your house from stinking bugs. If you have children in your house then try to avoid the bug-repellent spray.

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