How to wash baby hair without getting water in eyes?

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The baby’s eyes are very sensitive. there is a high chance of water entering their eyes so here are some effective methods of how to wash baby hair. all these methods require not much effort.

To Learn the tricks to washing baby hair without getting water in the eyes

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Babies have very sensitive eyes at an early age. They are very sensitive to almost everything like water, baby shampoo, baby oil, heat, and many more. So you need some good ways to wash your baby’s head to prevent water from entering his eyes. These are some tricks that you will acquire mastery of with time. Maybe you find them a little difficult and odd but with time you will be able to do them properly. And also you can seek some help from an experienced person.

Here are some tricks about how to wash baby hair without getting water in the eyes.

Things required

Prepare all these things in advance before going to wash newborn hair. By doing this you will save your time and energy and you will be able to wash the baby’s head effectively. Here is the list of important items.

  • Soft brush
  • Bath toy
  • A soft sponge
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby oil
  • Dry towel
  • A mug
  • A soft cloth

Prepare all this before starting washing the hair.

Method-1: Sponge method

This is the easiest and most commonly used method to wash hair without getting water into his eyes. All you need to have is a bay sponge. Make sure that the sponge you are using is very soft and it does not have any harsh effect on the baby’s head.

Soak the sponge into the water, add some drops of baby shampoo to it and gently rub it over the baby’s head. Start from upward to downward and go slow. Baby hair is very soft so you will not need too much rubbing over his head. You can also use a sponge to wash the baby’s body.

Method-2: By using the shower cap

Washing hair is easy but preventing water in their eyes is a little hard. Keeping this in mind the baby shower caps have been designed. It is made to use only at bath time. Some of them are reusable while you can also find one-time use caps in the market. Make sure that the cap you are using is properly sealed and take out all the hairs on the other side of the cap. Now you can use any brush, sponge, etc to wash the hair.

Hair caps make sure that not a single water drop goes on the head. They create a barrier between the hairs and the head. If you are a first-time mother then I will suggest you go with this because it is easy.

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Method-3: Use a water bottle

If you do not want to spend money on any sponge and shower cap then you should go with this method. All you will need to have is a water bottle for this. Take a water bottle and clean the bottle with warm water before use. Now take the cap of the water bottle and make a hole in that. Make sure the hole size should be enough to let the water out of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and gently press the bottle. The water will come out in one stream and it will make the hair wash process easy.

Do not take any alcohol or soda bottles. Use only plastic water bottles because the others can irritate the baby’s eyes.

Method-4: Use hair spray

Hair spray can be a substitute for a water bottle. You can find the baby bath hair spray bottle a where. These are very popular. The main reason for the popularity is the easy handling. It easily lets the water out of the bottle hence it is very handy. Make sure you spray from upward to downward otherwise the water drops can enter the bay’s eye. You need to pour the water very gently otherwise it will spread here and there. Always keep a dry towel by your side while bathing your baby. In case of any mishap immediately wipe the water from the baby’s eye or around the eye. This is the only caution you should take while bathing a baby.


In conclusion, choosing the correct method to wash your baby is necessary. Because when the water goes into the baby’s eyes it causes irritation, redness, and pain. So it is important to avoid contact with water from the eyes. Also, there is a certainty that the shampoo can go into his eyes. Hence always choose a method before washing the hair. You should have a bath toy to keep your baby busy during the hair wash process. Water ducks and balls are some common toys that people use. Make sure that they should be colourful so that they can attract the baby.

Wipe the head after cleaning with the help of a dry soft towel and wrap the head with a towel and let it stay that way for some time.

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