How To Win A Left Turn Accident {Help Guide}

How To Win A Left Turn Accident {Help Guide}

Accidents involving a left turn are very dangerous. These accidents can result in deaths and some serious body injuries. And in most cases, the court finds the turn-taker guilty and hence he has to pay for all the injuries and damages along with jail. Here are a few tips you can use for how to win a left turn accident.

Many things will involve in this. The main thing will be determining who is at fault. It is not impossible to win a left-turn car accident case. You have to make some extraordinary efforts to make this happen. And if you are stuck in a left-turn car accident case then you are in the right place for the information.

Why Left Turn Car Accidents Are Dangerous?

This type of accident results in most injuries because one driver does not become aware that the other one is taking a left turn. If you’re taking the turn by giving an indicator then it is good because then the other driver will become aware that you will turn left.

When the driver turns left without giving an indication the other driver comes at full speed from the back. And when both cars collide the most injuries happen to the other driver because his car was at a high speed. 

Few Exceptions In Left-Turn Accident Cases That Can Help You Win

If you attempt a left turn case then you must have aware of these exceptions. If there are present in your case then you will not be found guilty. And if you prove these in court then you’ll be free.

And the other person will be guilty he will pay for your injuries and the car damage.

These exceptions are as follows:

  1. If the other vehicle is going off the speed limit on the road. Then you will not be found accused ad the other person will be found guilty.
  2. If you’re turning left at a red light and then either vehicle does not stop at the right light sign. In this case, the vehicle owner will pay the fine along with a period of jail.
  3. If you have done all the things that are required to take a left turn and still the person drives without caring. In such cases, you will not be found guilty by the court.

All these are the exceptions but you have to prove all these in court. If you will fail to prove these then you have to pay all the penalty and for injuries and damages. 

Other Tips To Win A Left Turn Car Accident Case

There are a few other things that you can do in the left turn collision case. If you prove that the other driver was partially at fault for the accident. Then you can save yourself from a huge penalty fine.

However, it is very tough to prove yourself innocent in these cases because in most cases, the driver taking the left turn is guilty.

Here are a few things that you can use to prove this. Make sure that you follow all these to get the possible results.

  1. Police Report- Make sure that you are the first one to report to the police the accident. These accidents are based on the police reports. So if you will call them first then there is a high chance that they will find the other person guilty of speeding. So you have some chance to skip the trial and all from here.
  2. A Camera Recording- If you think that you’re not guilty then you should try to find the CCTV camera footage. This footage can save you from the case charges. And these will be the best proof to present in the court.
  3. A Stamen From The Witness- If you can arrange a spot withness then you can also save yourself. If an eyewitness gives an attempt in your favor then you will be not charged for anything. And the other person will pay for your damage.
  4. Hire an experienced left-turn accident attorney. Car accident lawyers have experience in proving their clients innocent in such cases. And in some serious cases, they can save you from serious penalty charges. So it is a good option to hire an attorney as soon as you meet an accident. Because a lawyer will help you in gathering evidence for the case as well. 

How To Take A Left Turn On The Road?

There are a few rules that you have to follow to take the left turn on the road. If you will follow these rules then you will not face any trouble in any of the left turn-collision cases. Make sure that you follow these rules before making a left turn. 

  1. Be on the left lane if you are using the two-lane highway.
  2. Give an indicator before making a left turn.
  3. When you see the turn make sure that you turn the speed slowly.
  4. Do not make a left turn if you see a red light. Wait until the signal becomes green and then you can turn left.

Always remember these ethics while making the left turn. These will also reduce the chances of accidents on the left turn.


In conclusion, here is how to win a left turn accident. These accident cases are hard to win. Because the person making the left turn is always considered guilty. However, if you will gather rough evidence then you can save yourself in these cases. Here are all the tips that you can use to win these cases. Make sure to hire an experienced attorney for yourself.

Because they will represent you in court and help you in finding the correct evidence for the case. 

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