What Are the Common Truck Accident Injuries?

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Do you drive a large, heavy vehicle? Are you looking to learn more about the dangers of being on the road behind the wheel? What kind of injuries do you face with trucks and truck accidents? Read on, and we’ll discuss the common truck accident injuries that you need to stay away from.

Hit-and-run accidents pose some of the most severe dangers, but they’re not the only concerns to be worried about. You should think about all potential injuries while trying to keep safe while on the road.

Neck and Spine Injuries

As a matter of fact, Most people suffer from neck and spine injuries when involved in truck accidents. The force and impact of a truck collision can cause the occupants of the smaller vehicle to be violently propelled forward and backward.

Spine injuries can include herniated discs, pinched nerves, fractures, and compression of the spine.

These injuries can be extremely painful and can result in paralysis, disability, or even death. It is vital to seek medical help immediately, as a prompt diagnosis and treatment can help reduce the severity of the injury.

Brain Trauma and Skull Fractures

As a matter of fact, Brain trauma and skull fractures are among the most serious and life-threatening of all truck accident injuries. In addition, Brain trauma can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage. It can include the swelling of brain tissue, bleeding in the brain, and, in certain tragic cases, death.

While any kind of violent force to the head can cause a skull fracture. Unfortunately, skull fractures are sometimes more likely to occur when involved in a truck accident.

Skull fractures are more dangerous compared to injuries to arms and legs. This can result in severe bleeding in humans, unbearable swelling, and severe brain injury in the human organ.

Its effects can cause brain damage and even death in severe cases. As a result, victims of truck accidents must take all the necessary steps to ensure their safety and recovery.

Burn Injuries

Truck accidents are a leading cause of severe injuries, disability, and death; burn injuries are no exception. An explosive fire, severe crush force, or toxic chemicals are all potential hazards for a truck driver.

Burns can range from first to third degree. It can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. It requires painful treatments such as skin grafts and lengthy rehabilitation, beginning with healing.

Severe burn injuries may need extended hospitalizations. The individual may even face permanent disfigurement or scarring. Victims of truck accidents may incur their burn injuries in many different ways; open flames, contact with hot surfaces, and antifreeze spills are among the most common.

Broken or Fractured Bones

Of course, Broken or fractured bones are one of the most common injuries associated with auto accidents. Such injuries are so serious that no warranty can be given. Any event can happen here. The severity of the accident is high but it can be fatal which can take your life.

Victims of auto accidents can suffer broken ribs, arms, wrists, hands, and feet. They can also suffer broken collarbones, pelvises, and legs. If you have been injured in an auto accident, it is important to seek medical attention and to speak to a lawyer to learn of your rights to compensation.

Internal Injuries and Hemorrhaging

Internal injuries and hemorrhaging can be life-threatening and life-changing accidents. Due to the size of the vehicles and the intensity of the impact, internal injuries can occur to any part of the body. Internal injuries range from organ damage to broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

These injuries can cause a lot of bleeding inside the body, which can cause shock or even death. Common internal injuries that occur in truck collisions include joint dislocation.

Hemorrhaging is a major concern for those injured in a truck accident. It can lead to shock and other serious medical complications. Any internal bleeding should be addressed as soon as possible. It can be a life-threatening condition and may need intensive medical attention.

Soft Tissue Damage

A truck accident is always one of the most dangerous because the distance between a truck and other normal vehicles is inconsistent. An accident caused by this can cause us to stumble and cause serious injury. One of the most common injuries is soft tissue damage, such as strains, sprains, and bruising.

Strains occur when a muscle is overstretched or torn. It is usually accompanied by swelling, bruising, and intense pain. Also, to strains, sprains are caused by an injury to the ligaments surrounding a joint, influencing its movement.

Bruising can occur as blood vessels around the injured area break. In some cases, soft tissue damage is not immediately visible and may take time to detect and treat.

Treatment for soft tissue damage may involve rest and physical therapy, depending on the extent of the injury. If left untreated, soft tissue damage may cause chronic pain and disability. It is also important to prepare questions to ask an attorney, then contact an attorney to discuss potential legal options for recovering compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Psychological Trauma

Truck accidents can take a horrible toll on the people involved. Not only can the physical injuries be severe, but the psychological trauma and long-term damage can be equally devastating. Common truck accident injuries due to psychological trauma can include

Depressive Disorders

Depressive disorders are caused by the emotional stress of an accident and its aftermath. Symptoms include a marked decrease in energy and interest. Other symptoms include changes in sleep and appetite and an inability to enjoy activities.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks can be physical, behavioral, cognitive, and/or emotional. Physical symptoms include heart palpitations, an increased heart rate, and chest pain. Behavioral symptoms include feelings of fear, restlessness, and difficulty breathing.

Cognitive symptoms involve distorted thoughts, worries, and intrusive memories. Emotional symptoms may involve loss of control, an inability to concentrate, and feelings of dread.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

This rare disease called PTSD is a mental disorder that occurs when a person experiences a traumatic and unbearable event. Individuals may experience frightening memories and flashbacks. Other symptoms of PTSD can include difficulty sleeping, irritability, negative thoughts, and feelings of guilt or shame.

The psychological trauma experienced can be so severe that it can prevent people from returning to their usual activities. Affecting their mental and even physical health long after the actual accident has occurred.

Learn More About Truck Accident Injuries

Truck or auto accidents can lead to devastating injuries for both drivers and passengers. Truck accident injuries can include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck and spinal cord damage, and other injuries from impact with the truck cab.

If you happen to encounter any of the common injuries mentioned here in your life, definitely go to the doctor and get advice from a suitable doctor. Always seek legal services if you experience an injury due to a truck accident.

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