How To Dissolve PDO Threads Faster {Help Guide}

How To Dissolve PDO Threads Faster {Help Guide}

One of the most popular skin tightening procedures is PDO threads uplifting. PDO threads lift the face and give me a younger look. But what if you are not satisfied with your new look or want to make this procedure last long? For this, you have to make the PDO threads dissolve faster. Here are how to dissolve PDO threads faster.

This guide will help you in your healing process and give you some alternate solutions for your problem. Some people give many different solutions to dissolve PDO threads. But here are the easiest and safe solutions for this.

Make sure that you follow all these along with your doctor’s advice to reduce the chance of any complications.

What Is PDO Thread Lift Puckering?

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves inserting PDO (polydioxanone) threads in the face. This results in removing all the fine lines and wrinkles from the face and hence it helps you look younger. This is the safest procedure to look young.

And the best thing is you can reverse this procedure whenever you want. So more and more people like to do this procedure. It is safe for both men and women. And women in their later ages like to do this procedure more. 

Tips To Dissolve PDO Threads Faster

Here are a few tips that you use to make the process after. If you face any discomfort in doing any of these procedures stop immediately. And remember do not do these procedures right after your surgery.

Try to do these after some time of your surgery. Otherwise, you will make your case complicated.

#1. Massage The Thread Inserting Points

Fix the PDO thread lift and have the points where the thread is inserted in your face. Massage these points regularly. Make sure that you massage with a light hand and repeat the massage 3 to 4 times a day.

This will increase collagen production which in turn will help in dissolving the thread. Remember do not use any tool to massage the face. Always use your hand on your face.

#2. Keep The Skin Hydrated

If you will keep your skin hydrated then the blood production in the lifted area will increase. And this will help in breaking the bread and dissolving it. If your skin is dry type then use medicated creams and serums to keep the skin hydrated.

Avoid going in the sun and keep your face covered in areas full of dust. This increases the process of thread dissolving process. 

#3. Increase The Healing Process

Take a properly balanced diet. They have enough vitamins and proteins. This will help in the healing process of the body. And the more will your body heal the more faster thread will dissolve. Try to avoid eating spicy and oiled food.

Because these types of food cause inflammation in various parts of the body. And hence you can face redness and swelling problem. Also, these foods alter the healing process so try to eat a healthy and rich vitamin diet. 

Precautions To Take After PDO Thread Lift Surgery

Here is a list of some important precautions that you have to follow after your surgery. If you will not follow all the then you will face many complications in your procedure.

So it is advised to follow these as it is…

1) You have to limit your facial moment for several weeks. Just for a few weeks, you must wait to prepare for a facial. Because the more you will move your face or make different expressions from your face the more sutures will disturb you. Also, avoid touching your face for several weeks. For the first few days, you might feel some pain in your face. So to avoid any disturbance in the healing procedure you have to avoid touching your face.

2) Do not sleep with your face down on the pillow. If you have a habit of sleeping with your face down then you have to control yourself. Because many complications can arise if you will put pressure on the inserted threads. 

3) Do not doo hard exercise or chew hard food for a few weeks. This will put pressure on the face walls. And hence disturbs the threads that will insert. Take liquid or soft food only. 


In conclusion, here is how to dissolve PDO threads faster. The process is very simple and all you have to do is follow so easily. If you will follow them then your healing process will increase and you will be able to dissolve these threads quickly.

These threads take some time to dissolve but with the help of a few procedures you can increase the dissolving process also it is advised to keep the heat away from your face. Do not do any type of laser procedures during the healing process.

This is a complete guide for you to understand the healing process of PDO threads.

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