How to know if your license is suspended?

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A Driver’s license is undoubtedly one of the most important documents for a person to have in the United States. Here is how you can know if your license is under suspension!

A driver’s license is an important document for any individual in the US. Almost everyone travels in their personal vehicle in almost every state. If not, then there are facilities to draw a rental vehicle in a number of states. But one thing which is still mandatory in every state is a driver’s license.

Without a driver’s license or at least a learner’s permit, driving is illegal in most states of the US. This shows how much importance a driver’s license has. In this article, you will learn how to know if your license is suspended.

Which reasons can contribute to the suspension of a driver’s license?

Man drink and drive a car

The following reasons can contribute to imposing a suspension on your driver’s license –

  • Rash driving on a highway or main road.
  • Drink and drive.
  • Unsafe driving.
  • Breaking traffic signals.
  • Not paying the tolls or road taxes.
  • Smoking while driving.
  • Talking on the mobile phone while driving.
  • Frequently hitting other vehicles with your vehicle.
  • Unsafe parking.
  • Driving or riding on the sidewalk or public walk.
  • Harassing people on the road while driving.
  • Your car or bike is unsafe for driving on the roads.

What are the other consequences of these things?

These things are unsafe for the person as well as the people around on the road and sidewalks. Usually, these charges could be dealt with with fines. Pay a minimal amount and make sure to not repeat the same thing.

After a number of warnings, if you still fail to follow the safety protocols, your license will be under suspension.

Also, there is a possibility that you might see yourselves in jail. Or if you are unlucky enough, you might face both, that is fines and jail.

How to know if your driver’s license is under suspension?

Sample Driver license card

Are you don’t know how to know if your license is suspended? The Driver Fitness and Monitoring body have the responsibility to let you know about the suspension of your license. Thus they are responsible to send you a formal letter about your suspension.

The letter is sent to the last known address that is available on the license. Thus it is important to keep your license up to date in regards to the address and contact details.

The letter for suspension or disqualification of the license will be sent to you. It will include the reason for the suspension or disqualification with a strict warning. The letter will also include the duration of the suspension.

Once the suspension is over, you will again receive a letter from the same body. The letter will let you know the details of the date from when you can start driving again.

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