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For many business owners, detecting fraud is a common concern. Approximately 51% of U.S. company purchases are still rendered via search. Many companies prefer this method of payment because it creates an easily verifiable audit trail, is simple to use and does not require new procedures and programs to be set up.

Despite advances in technology, it is challenging for many companies to turn to electronic payments. If you are still using tests, making sure they are accurate is crucial. This method of payment is an attractive target for fraudsters and has a large risk of loss.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources that allow you to do a free online check. You can also contact the bank that draws the deposit. Taking proactive measures will help you reduce threats and avoid possible damages.

Use the website for online checking

Anyone can test the funds on a file in minutes in this digital age. An online service such as, or is all you need to do. Some of these methods are free of charge and do not require registration. We are focused on the authentication of the routing account number.

Only insert the number of the test, routing number and number of the account. Click Send or Check.

Apply for a Merchant Account

Another choice is to pick and sign up for a vendor account for a test verification program. InfoMerchant is a good example. Its online platform offers market management tools for screening and credit card transactions across all sectors.

Sign for an account and either uses computer terminal tools or request one of the company’s processors. Check for a driver’s license whenever a customer pays by request. Write down the license number; slide the processor’s search or upload electronically the required information.

Either the program accepts or refuses the test. If the test is not legitimate, ask the customer to use another method of payment.

Check the number of bank routing

A third option consists of searching online for a bank routing number to locate the bank against which the check is being issued. Contact the bank to inform them on a paper that you received and verify the funds. Normally, this service is free.

To order to access this material, the bank can require you to pay a charge or visit a local branch to person. Some don’t offer this service at all because of reservations about safety. Your only choice in this situation is to use a database for online check verification.

Even if you want to use an online service, search on the back of a screen for security features. These include the words “Initial File,” microprinting and a security pad. Beware, however, that no approach is foolproof. Therefore reduce the risks, all customers who pay via check provide contact information.

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