3 Easy Steps For How to Unlock Motorola Phone

3 Easy Steps For How to Unlock Motorola Phone

Of course, If you Unlock your Motorola Phone Carrier then it will be done in just 3 simple & easy steps. In this article, you will know How can you unlock your Motorola phone by yourself. If you seek the help of your carrier to unlock your Motorola phone, they will also use the same method.

But before unlocking your phone, make sure it’s already locked.

Another you should look at is your device compatibility, is it compatible with GSM Network.

3 Easy Steps on How to Unlock Motorola Phone

STEP-1: Note Down Your Phone’s IMEI Number

First of all, you just need to note down your mobile’s appropriate IMEI Number. To look for the IMEI Number on your Motorola Phone –

1) Open the dial pad, and dial *#06#, and press on the call button IMEI Number will appear on the screen, note that down.

To Unlock Motorola Phone, find IMEI No. by dialing *#06#

2) Another method is to, open the settings, and go to system, scroll down till last, you’ll find IMEI Number there. But if you’ve purchased the latest android phone model, or updated your Motorola Phone, you need to open Settings and go to About Phone, scroll down to find IMEI Numer.

Settings and About Phone helps to find IMEI Number for your android phone

Note the IMEI Number, will be needed in further process.

STEP-2: Enter Your IMEI at cellunlocker.net

Now, in order to receive unlock codes, you need to provide some details. Firstly you need to go to cellunlocker.net.

1) Now, on that website, fill in your correct information. You need to select your Motorola Phone Model, Your Celluar Network, and your Phone’s IMEI.

This ia 1st image in process of How to unlock Motorola Phone

2) Now, click on Check Unlock Now.

3) Here, provide your contact information, you need to fill in the information like your First Name, Last Name, Email ID & Phone Number.

This is the second image in the process

4) Now, they will verify the information. Then after you can click on the Buy Now button here.

Click on buy now to unlock the Motorola phone

5) Fill out the payment information, you can pay with a credit card or Paypal, whatever your preferred method.

6) But before, payout, make sure your phone’s carrier is locked.

After the payment part is done, you’ll receive the unlock code within 72 hours, but the company claims that 99% of unlocking codes are sent within minutes.

You’ll receive this code at the email address you provided.

STEP-3: Get the Unlock Code on Your Motorola Phone

Now, check out the email, if you haven’t received any code in 72 hours, in the given email, you can complain to this phone number: 18005079077.

Or you can go to their website, and seek support.

If you’ve got the code, you can follow the process.

  • Power off your Motorola Phone.
  • Eject your old sim card.
  • Insert the new sim card.
  • Wait for the unlock carrier screen till it appears. Then enter the Unlock Code.
  • Tap on Unlock!

That’s it Now You’ve Officially and legally unlocked your Motorola Phone Carrier 🙂

FAQ Regarding Unlock Motorola Mobile

Why This Method?

This is the same process, your carrier will follow to unlock your Motorola Phone. But they will charge you around $50, you can use this technique in the comfort of your home.

Carrier Compatibility?

1) Now, this thing you need to look for is your Motorola Phone Compatible with GSM Network. Like AT&T, Rogers, Fido, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telus, etc.

2) You need to make sure that your device is compatible with the network, you wish to use.

What Happened If I Won’t Recieve any Unlock Code on Your Motorola Phone?

If you filled in all the information correctly, then there is very little chance that you won’t get any codes. Still, be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

But still, you can always contact the support team of the website. There are some websites like cellnetwork.net, doctorsim.com, and theunlockingcompany.com, whichever you chose, make sure their support system is reliable.

I hope you find the article, bookmark it, so if next time, you want to tell anybody else, you can share this!

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