Easiest Way To Change Your Age on Discord | 2023

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Discord is a great social media app, to build communities. However, many social media giants including Discord has changed and made it hard to change your age. Now, In this article, you’ll find out How To Change Your Age on Discord.

First of all, let’s bust the myth, you cannot change your birthdate on the Discord App. If you want to learn how you canTo change your age on Discord, you need to submit a request to support.discord.com.

After submitting the request, your request will be manually verified by Discord.

That means you can set your age on Discord when you were signing in. After that, you required manual verification to change your age.


While you cannot change your age directly through the app, you need to first go to Discord’s website.

Here’s the procedure to change your age on Discord>


how to submit form to change age
Read the below lines, to understand well
  • Go to Discord Support Page 
  • On that page, select Trust & Safety under ‘what can we help you with.’
  • Enter your e-mail address (add the email, which is linked with discord)
  • Then, select Appeals, Age update, other questions under ‘How can we help?’
  • Then select, update my age information.
  • Now, add your date of birth.
  • Add a subject – Want to change my Age/Birthdate.
  • Add a Description (In the description, tell in brief why you want to change your age on discord)
  • Tap on Submit.

This is email sent by discord

You’ll receive an update from Discord on that email address, check on Gmail/email.

So, that the process to change your age, keep your eye on emails!

By doing this you can change your age!


As the internet is expanding its user base around the globe, minors’ risk to get exposed to some ill practices is ever-increasing.

Not it’s just the government’s responsibility, but the corporates like Discord are also responsible.

Due to its diverse user base, Discord needs to identify its user age. So, they can block the inappropriate content for that user. That’s why apps like Discord and TikTok make the thing hard to change the age.

The same thing will be implemented across the other social apps also. So, in the near future things might get hard, changing birthdate, or any information might get change only after identity verification.

So, be aware of it, and enter your correct age only, on any social media app, while signing in.

That’s the reason, changing your age is gone difficult here…


To summarize, Discord is an app for communities, where one can create their own server, and enjoy with buddies. However, to keep the platform safe, the developers of the app have set certain age limits, due to which you cannot change the age after, you’ve made a Discord Account.

But you can certainly submit a request to Discord to change your Age or else if you need to change the Birthdate on Discord. Then, you’ll be receiving instant email by Discord, you’ve to wait for some time till Discord processes your Request.

In some cases, you also need to verify yourself, with identification proof, but that’s an easy process, don’t worry.

I hope you find this article informative, we have a  list of social media tips & How-to articles, bookmark it, might be helpful for you!


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